Three Simple Steps to Producing Your First Marketing Video

Snapchat users watch almost 10 billion videos a day and it’s just a social platform. Today, videos are part of our daily routine, whether consumers are checking for updates on their favorite local website or following their friends through Instagram stories.

The ease of use and entertainment of social platforms, combined with quick access to recording technology on smartphones, drives this fun and social video activity.

  1. Start small with a low-risk video

Start with a low-risk video when making your first video, in other words, a video that doesn’t go to your website’s homepage. Low-risk videos can range from an educational piece for a blog to an internal documentation attachment or an introduction to sales.

Starting with this type of video increases experience and confidence, so it’s less stressful when it comes time to create bigger, more valuable pieces.

  1. It looks authentic and natural with a script

Writing a video script is essential; While some argue that scripts can make research look planned, it only happens if the person doesn’t practice enough. Start by going back to the goals of the video (what are you trying to accomplish?) And then break down the points that need to be addressed to achieve the goals.

When you’re done writing, move it around for a few minutes (or hours) and read it out loud. How does that sound? Has a good flow? If not, fix it, play with the structure, and then try the curves and even their facial expressions.

  1. Looks good on camera

With a complete script, it’s time to grab your laptop, smartphone, or GoPro and start working on the production.

You feel good when the lighting looks good on you; is one of the most important factors in creating a sophisticated video. Therefore, it is essential to record in a well-lit room. Whether you are lighting a well-lit window, a lamp, or a computer, you want to position yourself so that you are looking at the light.

And despite what selfies obsessions may say, the most favorable angle for a camera directly in front of you is not tilted up or down, of course. Place the camera just above eye level and capture the photo.

* * *

Now that everything is set up, it’s time to play the video for quality assurance. Remember that your brain may be starting to play tricks and all of its subtle nuances are suddenly not so subtle, but it is important to ignore that voice in your head and move on.

At the end of the day, it’s just a pre-recorded video; so if you’re not crazy about results, you should abandon a new one and record until you have a video you want to share with the world … or maybe just a specific person.