Rakuten Advertising Expands Influencer Management Capabilities With Mavrck Partnership

Rakuten Advertising Expands Influencer Management Capabilities With Mavrck Partnership

Rakuten Advertising has partnered with leading influencer marketing platform Mavrck to expand its influencer marketing services and build holistic program oversight, optimization, and measurement for its affiliate advertisers. This partnership will seamlessly integrate influencer marketing into affiliate campaign strategies managed by Rakuten Advertising and position Rakuten Advertising to provide a fully integrated, self-service influencer solution.

Brands running large-scale, targeted influencer campaigns with Rakuten Advertising will benefit from more advanced influencer detection and curation, with simplified integration, communication, and reporting tools. A central dashboard provides a complete overview of your affiliate and influencer campaigns, giving brands a holistic view of their full-funnel affiliate marketing strategy.

“Influencers have become more important than ever as brands consider and buy through their affiliate marketing strategies, expand partnerships with an industry leader like Mavrck, and enhance our capabilities to manage and improve brands to reach their customer’s objectives, from raising awareness to activating innovative performance goals and results.”

-Jeff Wender, CRO, Rakuten commercial.

Partnering with Mavrck is the latest and most important step by Rakuten Advertising to provide a differentiated set of influencer marketing solutions that will create the onboarding, understanding, and control of brands necessary for success. More than 5,000 marketers from 500+ global consumer brands rely on Mavrck technology to more effectively access and manage relationships with content creators. Since 2014, Mavrck has activated over 3 million creators and paid out over $200 million in incentives.

“Rakuten Advertising is a proven leader and innovator in the affiliate marketing industry and we are excited to launch this partnership with them. Affiliate marketing is a leading monetization strategy for creators, and partnering with Rakuten will allow us to enhance our offering by “sharing our insights and driving sales measurement and attribution. Together, we are strongly positioned to drive better business results.” affiliate marketing.”

-Lyle Stevens, CEO, and co-founder of Mavrck.

About Rakuten Advertising-

Rakuten Advertising connects the best agencies, brands, and publishers with active and engaged consumers around the world. With access to Rakuten’s diverse properties and media audiences, combined with an award-winning performance network and in-house consumer research, Rakuten Advertising creates the right conditions to reach new customers and maintain lasting loyalty. The foundation of advanced technology, strategic data, and services allows Rakuten Advertising to offer a differentiated set of marketing and advertising solutions, continuously advancing the industry. It is a division of Rakuten Group, Inc. (4755: TOKYO), one of the world’s leading Internet service companies. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and North America. Learn more at www.RakutenAdvertising.com.

About Mavrck-

Mavrck is the all-in-one advanced influencer marketing platform that enables global consumer brands to harness the power of social proof of consumers’ trust today. Marketers use Mavrck to discover influencers, supporters, referrers, and loyalists and collaborate to create trusted content and insights for large-scale customer journey touchdowns. Using its self-service influencer manager, Mavrck enables marketers to take an automated, performance-based approach to influencer marketing.