PPC Profit Pros Join CallRail to provide brand profit and maximize offline phone calls

Leading PPC digital marketing agency Profit Pros, founded and led by performance marketing expert Aaron Adamson, adds CallRail software to its powerful combination of deep pay-per-click marketing expertise and a proven track record with three leading intelligence agencies’ artificial marketing and machine learning platforms, Skai (formerly Kenshoo), Analysis and Unbounce. This digital marketing company has record growth profits, from 25% to 327%, across all industries and for B2C and B2B brands. Now with CallRail in its toolkit, PPC Profit Profits can track offline call center type conversions and match them to the PPC keywords and ads that generated your leads and sales, allowing you to maximize offline profit.

With CallRail, PPC Profit Pro can set up custom call routing for all your traced numbers, offer SMS options to your customers, and engage your customers with autoresponders so your customers know when they will get your response. †

“CallRail has a lot of great features for our customers, but from our point of view, the best option is the ability to send the call referral to our customer’s CRM with special tracking that tells us which keyword, which ad, and which page is the destination from Google, PPC was involved. He offers us something very special. We can finally connect these offline transactions to the online locations where our customers spend money and drive the entire system to make the biggest profit! We’ve seen incredible profit increases using of specific tools for specific purposes, at all times of ad impressions and lead sales. These tools are complex, but we’ve become experts in them, giving brands valuable time back, the time they can use to do more work on their business.”

 – Aaron Adamson Founder and CEO, PPC Profit Pro.

About PPC Profit Pros –

PPC Profit Pros is an online marketing company that combines vast experience, exceptional tools, and solid analytics with exceptional marketing techniques to maximize performance in the following areas: paid search marketing, social PPC, relocation, performance visualization, and rate optimization conversion.