Amazon to share checkout-less store data with brands and advertisers

Amazon to share checkout-less store data with brands and advertisers Inc. develops cashless technology to speed up the trip to the supermarket or convenience store. Now he wants to use the tracking system to help brands and advertisers determine how to sell more products.

The company announced plans to share data from its customers’ tracking cameras and sensors in a blog post on Wednesday. Amazon told brands, among other things, how many people bought an item that was taken off the shelf, how many people brought it back, and how many people later purchased it on The Store Analytics initiative essentially extends e-commerce data mining capabilities to physical stores.

Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, introduced in 2018 after years of in-house development, is now available at more than 50 Amazon stores, including Amazon Go convenience stores and Amazon Fresh supermarkets. The network of aerial cameras and shelf sensors automatically registers and bills customers when they leave.

If brands find the data useful, Amazon can recoup the huge costs associated with developing and operating the technology. People working on the project and competing companies developing cashless systems have long assumed that data about what shoppers consider and how they navigate stores can be profitable. But cashless shopping is a technological marvel but not yet a commercial success, according to retail analysts.

Brands can access details about how their products are discovered, considered, and purchased at the right stores to help them make choices, promotions, and advertising campaign decisions, the blog said.

The program can revive Amazon’s cashless system privacy concerns. The company said in the message and clarification that the buyer’s data would not be shared and used the phrase “merged and anonymized” ten times. According to Amazon, shopper videos and images are not uploaded to brands and individual shoppers may refuse to include their data in Store Analytics.