Step-by-step Guide to Account-Based Success: Aligning Account-Based Marketing to Account-Based Selling

By focusing on a unified strategy and creating support positions to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, companies can see a more successful implementation of an account-based approach.

Account-based revenue success takes commitment from sales, marketing, operations, and client success. With a dedicated team and the right parameters for success, you’ll reap extreme revenue rewards when you align ABM and ABS.

In this eBook we’ll address key fundamentals to empower ABM success like:

  • The connection points between ABM and ABS
  • The key roles impacting ABM and ABS success
  • The evolution of Account-Based Everything (ABE)
  • Tactics to identify potential gaps in alignment between ABM and ABS
  • Evaluating the MarTech stack to optimize ABM and ABS
  • The revenue rewards of aligning ABM and ABS

Download this handbook now to empower every step of the buyers’ journey and truly nurture every lead as the valued, individual prospect that it is.

Offered Free by: Televerde

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