THE STATE OF MEASUREMENT, PRIVACY, AND COMPLIANCE: Privacy and Compliance Top List of Advertiser Priorities

According to the research, advertisers started adopting about ten years ago and an intense wave of measurement technology started about 5-6 years ago and lasted 3-4 years. In 2019, digital measurement has become a standard tool in the advertiser’s toolbox. Recent rapid adoption has led to high market penetration. 66% of advertisers say they regularly use statistics, another 28% are experimenting and 5% are considering adoption. No wonder, measurement has been shown to increase ROAS and thereby enable advertisers to stay competitive. It’s no exaggeration to expect near-complete penetration of about 90% of advertisers within a few years.

Measurement: desired qualities versus supplier performance

In the survey, respondents were asked to identify the measurement skills that matter most to them and how their best-selling product compares to their expectations. (For the desired characteristics, respondents could choose a value on a scale from “1 = least desirable characteristic” to “10 = most desired characteristic”. A service provider with the best performance. “A” 10 = best performing. or “The following percentages represent the proportion of respondents who chose one of the three highest values, 8-10 (ie a metric considered very important or the provider’s performance as it is called “Top Three Answers”).