The Invisible Key to Content Success

Content has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. But even content marketers who have reached tremendous heights in their profession still need to work hard and strive to ensure that the results of their efforts match the needs and expectations of their audience. At SEMrush, we know what it takes to produce and manage large amounts of content. We are also constantly developing a comprehensive set of tools to help content marketers of all skill levels achieve their goals with minimal effort. That’s why we decided to identify the biggest challenges to highlight the main problems that content marketers face at different stages of the content cycle and to better understand what solutions can help them overcome these challenges. We partnered with the Content Marketing Institute and our work with them resulted in a survey that we would like to share with you. The results of this research support our main hypothesis on the issues addressed by content strategists, content writers, editors, project managers, and public relations/marketing managers. The following white paper provides our findings and insights on how to solve these problems at all stages of the workflow. We intend to use this data to refine our tools. In addition, we hope these white paper content marketers will help them better understand what part of their workflow can be optimized to optimize their content.