Marketing Evolved in the Direct Brand Economy

In recent years, we have seen record growth in direct brands – companies that create value through flexible, low-threshold, leased, or leased capital supply chains, with value creation primarily done through direct business relationships and your consumers. There are hundreds of these innovative companies emerging, participating from established brands while contributing to the evolution of business models and marketing tactics. Direct brand startups have innovated not only in the way they create and distribute their products but also in their performance-based marketing approach, tailored to individuals, based on their own data and optimized for lifetime value, illustrating the remodeling of a market and a hyper-focused and direct-to-consumer approach. These new approaches don’t just apply to direct brands. Larger and more traditional brands are also experimenting with innovative and direct brand-inspired tactics based on these new models, for example moving from ‘mass flow’ to ‘precision range’ techniques and, in some cases, adopting direct startups inject new thoughts and skills into the organization.

Selling advertising in the direct brand economy

Marketing organizations as a whole are also following the trends seen in the immediate brand space. Brands large and small are increasingly integrated into the media buying process, developing more advanced CRM practices and audience data. In addition, they have higher expectations in measuring the effectiveness of their media spending and in obtaining a more holistic view of the consumer’s journey. As marketing organizations and the types of companies that buy ads change, the advertising sales models have remained essentially the same. In recent years, sales organizations have changed their approach to breaking online/offline silos and introduced more automated and scalable programmatic capabilities, but these solutions have so far been built to serve large indirect brands and middlemen purchasing their own average. In this whitepaper, we address the most relevant direct brand marketing trends that media sales organizations should be aware of, and how they can adapt and respond to these trends to better serve a broad spectrum of customers and ultimately expand your business.