How to get a head start with technical SEO

What makes search engine optimization (SEO) people unique? What makes our clients successful in their digital marketing efforts year after year as other agencies struggle to deliver predictable and sustainable results? The September advantage!

At Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

you combine all of your media and marketing efforts into an integrated strategy that improves the overall effectiveness of every media and marketing tactic you implement. Depending on your current business goals and objectives, we’ll work with you to create an effective inbound marketing campaign that will drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately increase sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a buzzword. As a marketer, we are aware that SEO is extremely important, but we generally have little knowledge of what is going on. We know we need to do this for our site to rank better in search engines. We know this will help us drive traffic to our site and get instructions in our sales to funnel. We might even understand some of the most important practices or aspects: keywords, quality content, great user experience, and so on. But in general, as marketers, anything SEO-related that goes beyond a superficial understanding is beyond us – we don’t have the tools or the knowledge to understand the basics.

This ebook tries to change that. We’ve brought together the knowledge of four SEO experts to guide marketers into the more technology behind the scenes of search engine optimization. This e-book provides a simple language and concise definitions of some of the key elements of SEO.