Growth Marketing Automation: The Next Wave

Modern consumers are highly connected and informed. The digital revolution gives them the tools they need to do their research and draw their conclusions, putting them at the forefront of their shopping journey. 87% of all consumers start researching products online, and B2B shoppers spend an average of 79 days researching before making a major purchase.

This connectivity allows consumers to manage an unprecedented agency, but it also creates new ways for marketers to engage their client base in a more personal and objective way. And while traditional lead generation and funnel optimization remain important aspects of a carefully thought-out and well-executed marketing strategy, modern consumer empowerment offers marketers the opportunity to go beyond these tactics and focus on marketing approaches multidimensional tools that go far beyond the limited “Attract and Capture” model. This growth-based methodology is essential for marketers who want to offer the full spectrum of the customer lifecycle, from initial knowledge to the type of commitment to the product and service – resulting in lifetime knowledge.

However, to succeed in this ever-changing landscape, marketers must embrace their mature roles and use expert tools to know their audience, understand their motivations, anticipate their needs, and develop compelling journeys that ensure repeat business on a large scale.