Growing your business with AdWords

AdWords is an automatic auction. Write your ads and choose relevant keywords (a keyword is the search term – word or phrase – that those who search on Google type and trigger your ad). Then, a lead and all keywords with keywords related to your search query will be auctioned, including yours. The best ads are shown to your potential customer under the “Sponsored Links” heading to the right or above Google’s search results. An interested customer clicks on your ad and is taken to your site.

Your ads will not only show to users who search on Google but also on relevant sites in the content network. When you advertise on the content network, a diverse network of millions of sites, your ads are displayed alongside the content on the site that is relevant to your customers. You can choose the sites you want to appear on or let us personalize your ads for the appropriate sites. How do we combine your ads? When crawling millions of pages on the Internet, Google’s contextual targeting technology analyzes the content of various web pages to determine what the site is about. 2. When we examine the keywords and ad text in your campaign, we identify the main concept behind your ad. 3. Our system then automatically inserts the most relevant ads on the most relevant pages so that your ads are shown to interested users.