Five Ways to Improve Your Digital Media Effectiveness

The world is awash with Digital Media and the internet is drowning us. According to a recent report, advertisers delivered more than 5.3 trillion display ads to US users last year, 1 trillion more than last year. In just one month, the average Internet user sees 1,707. That’s enough to bring someone together. So how can advertisers defeat banner blindness and drive direct engagement with online consumers?

Many media buyers are embracing this shift. “Like most in the industry, we don’t necessarily spend money on digital TV, but budgets for other media such as print and radio,” said Sean Corcoran, senior vice president and director of digital and social media at Mediahub / Mullen. , Boston. The challenge with traditional media is that it still relies almost entirely on high-level targeting, especially age groups and content (eg sports for men aged 25 to 44). Digital media, on the other hand, uses multiple sets of near real-time data to deliver ads to the right people, at the right time, in the right environment with the right message. “

Corcoran added: “Nielsen has recently shown that digital media is a great addition to undoubtedly extending the reach of TV commercials as there are viewers who are very light but intense digital viewers. We end up getting more effective impressions not only because it’s more targeted, but we can also make changes in near real-time based on the results we get. “