Use SMS as an additional marketing channel to meet and surprise your customers. Textlocal allows you to create and send attractive SMS campaigns along with attachments, coupons, and personalized offers. In addition, Textlocal allows you to track the effectiveness of your offline and online advertising campaigns.

Expand your portfolio

Discover a new revenue stream with our reseller options that offer the ability to provide customers with the leading SMS marketing platform.

The best value for money

Have you ever considered sending bulk text messages as a marketing channel? With 98% open rates and emails as attachments and analytics, sending bulk text messages can be what sets you apart from the competition. Textlocal’s best delivery rates ensure your messages always arrive on time.

Tracking statistics for SMS campaigns

For the first time, you can measure marketing effectiveness with Textlocal’s click reporting. Access delivery reports and click on reports using our APIs or simply download them from the UI. Amaze your customers with real-time updates and unrivaled insights into campaign performance!

Internal communication

Keep your team members and customers informed with billboard updates and promotional programs on billboards, TV, and radio. Ensure timely SMS updates by integrating your CRM with our SMS gateway APIs.