Adapting digital marketing for real-world results

The Digital Marketing Guide for Ecommerce Companies is widely used, highly refined, and highly effective. Therefore, e-commerce companies generate a higher return on advertising spend compared to direct ad performance.

Digital marketing and e-commerce have evolved together in favor of both. E-commerce companies produce a wide range of customer insights that digital marketers can use to drive traffic and transactions.

The digital marketing guide is much less effective for offline retailers even though buyer conversion (visit to actual purchase conversion) for traditional retailers is 4-8 times higher. This is because much of the information available to eCommerce marketers are simply not available to marketers responsible for delivering customers to real stores.

Marketing for real businesses, where more than 85% of retail transactions still take place, is based on digital approaches rather than actual customer data. Things like impressions, clicks, likes, and followers. But as we’ll see, these penalties can be misleading and often don’t deliver the same performance.

The cookie and the pixel are the foundation of successful digital marketing. They are responsible for detailed customer action data that can be used to drive highly targeted marketing. They reveal who visits when, the time since the last visit, the pages and products viewed, items placed in the shopping cart, and other useful data points.