How Bloom & Wild is using TV to drive brand fame

By incorporating brand-focused TV advertising into its marketing mix, online florist Bloom & Wild has seen significant improvements in recognition, consideration, and even survey participation.

Bloom & Wild had a problem. Although the online florist has become the leader in its market through its achievements in the channels it operates, the company has found that its brand recognition is “far away” from its competitors.

For example, in 2020, the company began investing in TV for brand building, hoping to fill the gap and increase brand awareness through better communication about its history.

“There has been a great opportunity to invest more extensively in our brand and we know TV is achieving a broader reach than we could barely reach with a more targeted social media audience,” said Charlotte Langley, Director of Brand Communications and Marketing also on Thinkbox “TV in focus”.

“It also allows us to tell a story about who we are. So it stimulates awareness, but it’s also very important to promote awareness. In research and social conversion, I can talk a little bit about us, but you have no idea who we are and what we are,” she said.

The e-commerce company launched its first branded television campaign in October, a launchpad for its new branded platform, “Care Wildly.” The ad shows a woman writing a message to her sister, thanking her for being a sister and foster mother, while reflecting on their memories together.

“There has been a great opportunity to invest more extensively in our brand and we know TV Drivers are achieving that.”

Charlotte Langley, Bloom and the Woods

At the end of the ad, it is revealed that the message was sent with some Bloom & Wildflowers, while a story asks the viewer to “cure a lot” and reveal the brand name.

“It was very important for us on two fronts: telling people who we are, being champions of care, but also strategically building this brand’s reputation by putting it in the slogan,” Langley said.

When asked whether, as a marketer at an e-commerce company, she encounters resistance to using TV ads, Langley said no. Partly because Bloom & Wild has used direct-response TV in the past. These ads are designed to get an immediate response, often with a special offer, and have proven their success as a performance channel.

“We knew we would measure it completely differently and have different goals for the TV brand, but it was definitely a channel that we’ve had success with elsewhere. I think it helped,” he continues.

The results

Before launching the Care Wildly announcement, Bloom & Wild conducted a brand survey to provide a basis for comparison. As a result of the TV campaign, Bloom & Wild’s maximum recognition more than doubled and brand consideration, “which can be very difficult to change,” rose by nearly 50 percent, Langley said.

In addition, Bloom & Wild has had a higher share of polls over the past two quarters, which Langley also cites as a success of the campaign and the new platform. It’s “very important” to include the brand in your tagline and boost your reputation to reduce search costs over time, he said.

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