Case Study: Defined content marketing strategy

Solutions Metrics:

– Defined content marketing strategy to deliver better results with organic and referral traffic to the target-specific landing pages present in the website.

– Set up a proper CTA plan.

– Changed the tracking methods to measure the organic conversions, implemented Google Analytics.

– Fixed the issues of website design & content presentation.

– Introduced best practices along with the implementation of new strategies for Google AdWords campaigns.

– Restructured the existing campaign and ad groups.

– Introduced remarketing campaigns to re-engage existing visitors and drive conversions at a lower cost.

– To introduce location extensions with ads, in order to pool in targeted local customers.

– Competitor analysis for landing page improvement suggestions and new ad ideas.

– Regularly monitored and optimized the campaigns in order to drive more leads at lesser CPC & cost per lead.

– Started ad campaigns in Bing which recorded a comparatively lesser Avg. CPC than Google AdWords. – Paid advertising for driving more conversions.