Why and How You Should Use Instagram’s IGTV to Improve Your Social Media Video Strategy

If you’re using the latest version of Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the small TV icon in the upper right corner of your home page. This is where the relatively new IGTV feature of the social media platform resides.

  1. be creative and focused

The content you post on IGTV will not be shown to the general public or the mass of people. The people you follow are the only ones who can see your videos, so you’re serving an audience.

This is your opportunity to be creative and innovative with your video content ideas.

  1. Make a good first impression

IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app or via the Instagram tab. This means that you need to get viewers’ attention quickly so that they don’t go unnoticed! Add a catchy introduction to your video and give people enough time to read it if you have any text.

If you make a good first impression, users will come back to watch your videos anyway.

  1. Use links and CTAs

You can add any URL in the video’s descriptions to make it a clickable link for viewers – a great way to drive traffic to your website or any other link you want to hear.

Include a CTA in the videos to let users know what they need to exclude to see the description on the link. Encourage them to want to know more and to take action!

  1. Together with influencers

Instagram relies heavily on content creators to promote IGTV and focuses specifically on weight influencers to create content for it.

A great way to strengthen your IGTV strategy and pay more attention to your content is to work with influencers on the social networks that attract your audience. By working with the right influencers for your brand, you can increase brand awareness and attract more followers.

  1. Record vertical videos

Instagram encourages creators to create entirely new content that is not posted on any other platform.

Videos are traditionally shot horizontally; However, IGTV displays videos vertically, so you can also create new content dedicated exclusively to IGTV. This means that you shoot the video vertically and don’t have to worry about making adjustments during the editing process and providing the best viewing experience for viewers.

  1. Find out what type of content you want to post

There are so many types of video content that you can create. Below is a list of some:

  • Behind the scenes vlogs: Some people like vlogs and analyze people’s personal and daily lives. Provide a simple overview of your brand and show your team and the leaders of your organization. Open the door for your viewers to connect with your brand on a deeper level!
  • Educational tutorials: some online viewers, such as tutorials and educational content. From beauty to cooking, do-it-yourself to work tents: the subject here is endless.
  • Industry news: use IGTV to share and discuss trends and establish yourself as an influencer in your industry.
  • Interviews/question and answer sessions: Conduct interviews with influencers or people on your team. Let your followers submit the questions they want to answer; it’s a great way to get involved.
  • Product launch: Show your followers an exclusive preview of a new product, tool, or service that you are launching.
  1. Monitor your performance

No campaign can succeed without being followed, regardless of channel or platform. Since IGTV is relatively new, you want to evaluate the performance of your content so that you can improve your efforts from the start.

* * *

If IGTV is successful, it could be the platform for brands and content creators who want to improve their video strategy on Instagram or social media in general. This is a great way for brands to use their current Instagram follower base to launch a new video strategy without building a new follower base.

With a strategic plan, IGTV can be exactly what your brand needs to boost your social media video strategy.