What’s a Good Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads?

Any good digital marketer (like you) understands the enormous potential of Facebook ads. In any case, you’ve studied the idea of advertising on such a popular traffic source.

Even though you’ve seen a significant number of ad conversions on Facebook, you’re wondering how your conversion rates are doing. Comparing your results to the average conversion rates for Facebook ads can be a good benchmark.

However, these should not be all of the decisions you make with your advertising budget.

One of the main benefits of Facebook Ads is that you have an unlimited number of ways to advertise to a wide variety of different people.

Statistically, it is difficult to measure average conversion rates across the board.

Still, it can be useful to see where you are in relation to others in your industry. Wordstream, a SAAS ad platform, calculated some numbers to give us a reference for this situation.

In general, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads is between 9 and 10%

What is a good conversion rate on Facebook?

It is always tempting to address each other.

While checking the average conversion rates with Facebook ads is not bad, it is essential to consider them carefully.

For you, a reasonable conversion can depend on many different things.

You can sell more or even offer free trials to increase your conversion rate. You can improve your ad targets to help convert those who see your ads into paying customers more quickly.

Find your own average Facebook ad conversion rate

You can certainly use the average conversion rate graph above as a reference for your first or two campaigns.

However, figuring out which exchange rate to observe is an easy first step in calculating it yourself. That way, you can estimate traffic, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate to get a positive ROI.

Getting the ROI of Facebook conversions?

That’s the cool part.

Regardless of whether your Facebook ads have a positive ROI (or not), you can always test things to get even better ROI. Conversion rates in your last campaign may be the new benchmark you want to achieve in your next campaign.

Everything can be improved in some way, and as long as your ROI keeps growing, you know you’re on the right track.

Your average Facebook conversion rate may not be exactly the same as in the rest of your industries. As long as it helps you grow and expand your business, you will have been successful in your Facebook advertising efforts.