What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation helps identify potential customers by conducting the sales preparation process. Automate actions that lead to the point where the sales team can contact them directly to close a sale and start an ongoing relationship, and the information collected can guide their choice of marketing tactics.

Marketing automation does this by improving the efficiency of the large-scale sales funnel and using a combination of tactics to quickly turn a large master file into satisfied customers.

Why is marketing automation valuable?

Lead generation is an extremely important step in the growth of any business. By automating the various stages of the sales marketing process, your team has more time to focus on the overall strategy and develop promising directions. That means more contacts and more customers.

Marketing automation can also provide a richer and more detailed picture of the prospect’s behavior. By using behavioral tracking methods, such as tracking a user’s journey through your website, marketing automation software can help your marketing team understand a potential customer’s interests and where they are in the marketing cycle. They can then adjust any follow-up based on these action points.

The collection of contact point information, including site visits and downloads, social media activities, and direct marketing, allows automated points, lead qualification, and prioritization. This, in turn, can lead to broader marketing campaigns, including:

  • trigger-based marketing communications
  • sporadic emails with drops to keep interest alive
  • personal emails
  • Facebook or Twitter posts

Priorities leads and improve marketing ROI

In addition to automating the lead creation process, marketing automation software can also allow you to determine clear and objective measurements of progress throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Although the availability of a specific customer for sales approaches previously depended on the intuition of a single marketer, it can now be based on predetermined and measured results.

With this analysis in mind, marketing automation can help prioritize sales times, prioritize the effectiveness of the touchpoint, and determine the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

B2B marketing automation

The business arena is the traditional home of automation marketing. This is because B2B customers and potential customers form a small, focused target market, which typically:

Involved in a multi-stage purchasing process

Part of an ongoing business relationship

For these reasons, B2B is a relationship-oriented environment, where education and product awareness are essential. It is also an arena where purchases are not instigated by individuals at the moment; instead, it is considered rational and usually involves more than one person.

The purchase decision will also take some time in these circumstances, with weeks, months, or more between the start of the process and its completion. This means that business acquisition typically takes a longer lead-building process than B2C marketing, and in the process, the prospect will have done a lot of research before preparing to talk to, let alone making a purchase.

Consumer marketing automation: a shorter sales cycle

When B2B marketing automation involves long sales cycles, marketing in a consumer-centered environment is about convincing potential buyers in a much shorter period of time.

Although B2C automation also allows the behavior of potential customers to decide on a messaging strategy, the main difference is in the duration of the campaigns. A consumer campaign must win customer interest very quickly, and the payment path must be short, simple, clear, and attractive.

This is not to say that there is no room for long-term strategic approaches to the customer base. Brand loyalty and trust are also fundamental to B2C, as is market education.

But they take a different form than traveling to various B2B access points, with their requirements for deeper product knowledge.

Ideally, when moving a B2C customer into the sales process, it should be:

  • Familiar with the brand and variety
  • An irresistible urge to buy the tractor


The truth is that, once your visitors pass a certain point, it is almost impossible to talk to all your fans in person.

If you use marketing automation, you can still build good relationships (which you can think about later) and add value to more people. This shouldn’t be abused for sending spam emails.  Your customers will see through a scam, right away.