We Need More Expensive Advertising

Advertising can be expensive and there are many factors to consider. Are you targeting the right target group? And will the ad be shown effectively? And is this the right advertising campaign for your company?

This is even more difficult for small businesses that need to compete with larger companies with larger budgets.

If you’re not sure which ads work best for you, you’ve come to the right place. With digital media, there is a way to create effective advertising campaigns on a limited budget. Here, we’ll show you seven different types of advertising for small businesses. For each of these types of ads, we’ll let you know what the role is and why it works well for small businesses. Let’s take a look at examples of companies that use these types of ads successfully.

But first, we need to understand why these types of ads are digital and the benefits of online advertising.

The benefits of digitization

While traditional marketing is very important for many small businesses, the seven different types of ads will be digital.


You can reach a steady audience online. There are 292.89 million people in the United States who use the Internet. It is expected to grow to 310.1 million by 2022.

Digital advertising is cheap. It costs less to reach the same number of people using digital channels than traditional channels.

It’s quick to implement and remove a digital campaign. You need to plan weeks or months for traditional ad campaigns. They tend to have a start date at the end. For digital campaigns, you can sell an ad with a tracking number and remove it when your inventory runs out. You have more options and control with digital ads.

You can track digital campaigns. You can track important digital ad metrics, such as cost per click, website traffic, bounce rate, impressions, conversions, and even cost per conversion. These are just some examples. With digital campaigns, you can learn from the data and adapt your ad accordingly.

You can update your ads immediately. Updating a digital ad is much easier than a traditional advertising campaign. For example, if you want to change your Google ad, all you have to do is sign in and make the change, click Update and your new update will be displayed.

Let’s take a look at these types of ads now!

Google Search Ads

Google has a lot of ad streams, but what we’re talking about here looks like this.

Advantages of Google Ads

Reach people with great intentions. People who search on Google want to find, understand and possibly buy the service or product they have found. Advertising on Google can help you reach your potential customers.

Focus on a specific geographic location. Google Ads allows you to identify and target certain keywords in a specific area. As a local company, you can get more customers from your community.

Target many audiences with the same product. Most companies sell products or services to a large number of target groups. With Google PPC ads, you can reach multiple audiences with different keywords.

How much do Google search ads cost?

Google Ads uses an auction model. The auction determines whether the ad is displayed and, if so, what position it occupies on the search page.

How does it work?

When someone performs a search, Google finds all matching keywords

Google Ads ignores inappropriate searches (for example, another country or not approved for policy violation)

For other ads, you’ll see higher-ranking ads. This includes bids, ad quality, ad restrictions, search context, and the impact of extensions and other ad formats.

Google Ads rewards companies with low-cost, high-quality advertising campaigns and more effective advertising channels.

While the average cost-per-click (CPC) on Google Ads is between $ 1 and $ 2, it depends on your location, industry, and keywords.

Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise as a small business. It is the most popular social network in the world, with more than two billion monthly active users. In addition, each of these active users visits the site on average eight times a day.

Most importantly, you can target your Facebook ads to a specific audience of your choice.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Reach your target audience at a low cost. With Facebook, small businesses can access their target audience in an accessible way. These ads cost a fraction of the cost of other online and traditional marketing channels. For example, when Boba Guys, a bubble company, wanted to open another store, they ran local awareness campaigns. They got 103 clicks on their ad for $ 0.20 per ad, $ 1 cost per new customer, and 9x return on advertising spend.

Target your exact target audience. Facebook is one of the most targeted advertising platforms. You can advertise people based on location, age, education level, relationship status, interests, and behavior. If you know your target audience, it’s good to reach them.

Advertise to your website visitors. It takes six to eight marketing points to create a lead. Remarketing helps you communicate with past visitors, increase your marketing points, and increase your leads and sales opportunities.