Unleash the Power of Video Marketing for Your Business: Five Ideas for Video Content

Five Ideas for Traffic-Boosting Video Content

So, what kind of video should you make to massively engage and engage your audience?

Standing in front of a camera for five minutes and talking monotonously about your company or products will not attract many viewers. If you really want to build an audience, your content should keep you busy. It must be worth their attention.

Here are five types of video content that are particularly popular with the public.

  1. Questions and answers.

What are some of the most frequently asked questions you have heard about your brand, products, or industry in general? Most importantly, what questions do they type in Google? By answering these questions clearly and succinctly in video format, you can get the attention of the people looking for them and attract them to your website to get the answers they need. Videos of questions and direct answers to potential customers, potential customers, existing customers, etc; it’s a great way to reach people at all stages of the buying cycle.

  1. Listed

Lists are a great way to break information down into small pieces. Sites like Buzzfeed have become famous for content such as “21 photos that restore your faith in humanity” and “25 ways to say that you are a child of the 90s”. And you can do this just as easily with videos as with text – check out WatchMojo, Top Trending, and Screen Rant. The combined display of some channels is over 7 billion. Think about a few things about your brand that you can redesign as a frame and turn into simple yet effective video content.

  1. Summary video newsletter.

You may not want to invest time and resources in producing your video content. This does not mean that you cannot take advantage of video marketing yet. Instead, you can be a content curator – check out the large number of videos posted on YouTube and elsewhere, get the best videos, rate them and regularly send them to your email subscriber list. Every week you can have your new favorite video, your oldest favorite video that your viewers may not know, your favorite educational or instructional video, and so on. With a little effort, you can use other people’s content to bring it into your home. You clearly pay tribute to the original creators of the video for their work.

  1. Product reviews.

Evaluations are an important part of the purchase decision. Currently, most customers search for reviews online before purchasing a product. Therefore, encourage your customers who have had positive experiences to comment on your company and products. And encouraging them to perform these analyzes as a video is even better – they can actually show your product to viewers and, thus, promote your brand. And you get video content without producing it yourself. Offer incentives for your customers to post reviews of video products, such as discounts on future purchases. Post links to comments on social media to promote your brand.

  1. Killer content.

Some types of video content creators are ideal for any job – they produce as many types of content as they can, in the hope that some of them will grow. This approach rarely works. Others focus on just one type of content and work very well. They present themselves as experts in their fields, with great video content that catches the eye and asserts their authority. This approach opens the door to a flow of potential video traffic at the top of the sales funnel and attracts people, who later lay the foundation for the sale.

* * *

These are just a few ways to use video content to drive traffic to your website, make your brand visible, and increase sales. There are many other creative ways to promote your business with video marketing. What kind of video content would you create for your brand?