Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make on Instagram, and What to Do Instead

Instagram is not a platform that companies can ignore, but it can be a challenge for companies that don’t have ‘Instagram unstable’ products or services to share. Especially if your brand is B2B.

With more than 500 million active users and ten times more engagement than other social sites, it is worth investing in Instagram.

However, if your brand is not using Instagram effectively, you can waste time and annoy your followers.

Here are five mistakes I make on Instagram every day that your company should be making.

Error 1

Do not send followers on your platforms

Instagram has always limited users from adding links to posts. For a long time, you only had the link on Bio, which frustrated companies that could post their latest posts on blogs, new products, or even your website’s URL on sites like Facebook several times a day.

Error 2

Using Instagram Follower Automation Tools

Automation and AI are taking over everything from posting on social media to PPC hosting. But can automation help you increase your Instagram followers?

Vent. Tracking automation tools can increase the number of followers, but these followers are often fake and certainly have no interest in engaging with your brand.

You don’t want followers to just increase your fan base. You want real people who want to get involved with your content and brand.

Error 3

Publish only about your company

If you post something about your products or services, you’re making a mistake on Instagram. Instagram is a comfortable and relaxed social platform like LinkedIn. If all of your posts are meant to encourage followers to convert, it’s time to change your strategy.

Error 4

Ignore Instagram stories

Instagram stories started as an Instagram response to Snapchat. These temporary posts will expire and are therefore time-sensitive. It appears at the top of user feeds and has a much broader reach than other Instagram posts. It’s fun to create and you can share links if your account has more than 10,000 followers.

If your Instagram strategy includes only posts and no stories, you leave a lot to gain and get involved at the table.

Error 5

Don’t get involved with your Instagram followers

The problem is this: the Instagram algorithm prefers posts that generate more engagement. This means that when more people pursue a message or story, even more people will see the message, increasing the likelihood of even greater involvement.

However, this algorithmic reality can be frustrating for brands that only get a few likes per post, causing them to drop the ball on Instagram for accepting that the platform is not working for them. This is a mistake.

Final thoughts on Instagram for B2B

Instagram can be a powerful social media platform for B2B companies when used correctly. If you want to succeed on Instagram, it’s time to stop calling messages and take the time to build relationships with your audience through authentic engagement, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos, and engaging Instagram stories.