Top 5 Lesser-Known Social Media Tools to Improve Your Campaign Results

Companies that use the power of social media are looking for tools that can build audiences and boost sales.

But what tools come to mind when you need a solution? Clearly the most popular. However, there are many others, not so well known, that are still great tools.

In this article, you’ll discover five of the lesser-known social media tools that can improve your campaigns.

  1. SocialPilot

Although this tool has been around for some time, it is not as popular as some of the names you often hear about social media management, at least not yet.

But that does not mean that it is not a very powerful tool. Here are some ways to use it.

To get started, you can effectively automate your social media updates with various posting and scheduling features (including bulk scheduling) for most major social networks and even Google My Business channels.

  1. Quuu

For your social media pages to work effectively, you need to search for regular content for updates. With Quuu you can practically take your worries away.

Quuu helps you find content related to your industry that will catch your audience’s attention. Quuu’s service is unique, as the selected pieces are selected manually, which means that people research these pieces before recommending them to their social media pages.

  1. Influential

If you want to build a large audience on social media, an influencer can help you reach your goal more quickly. However, you need to choose the right influencer for your brand.

This is a challenge that most companies face: what affects your business style and can help you get the ideal followers?

These are the answers to influential questions for companies. Using artificial intelligence, Influential studies your social media profile to understand your ideal audience

  1. Visage

Charts and other charts help to improve social media performance. Adding photos to your tweets can lead to 150% more retweets.

But it is easier said than done to obtain images. Not all companies can afford to hire a designer, and that is how Visage comes to the rescue.

  1. Hashtracking

Hashtags are a way to promote a product or campaign on social networks. It is an important part of some of the largest social networks in the world – Instagram and Twitter – while other major social networks are also increasingly using hashtags (such as Facebook and even LinkedIn).

But how can you track and measure the effectiveness of these hashtags and hashtag campaigns? Or the results you get from these campaigns?

Whether your hashtag is going viral or not taking off, you’ll want to have all the details to report your next step in your social media campaigns. Hashtracking helps you with this on Twitter and Instagram.


While these five tools may not be as well-known as some of the big names in the industry, they are very powerful and provide essential tools for a successful social media strategy.