Three Ways to Prepare for the Future of Marketing and Your Future as a Marketer

Marketing has been around since people have something to sell. However, as a commercial practice, marketing is a relatively new field.

Also, the past 60 years of marketing practice have changed almost every aspect of our profession, almost every marketing tactic and distribution channel imaginable.

Consider this inspiring reality for marketers

Short term: Executive search firm Spencer Stuart found that the average CMO term among consumer brands in 2017 was 44 months, with more than 20% of CMOs mentioning the previous year and more than half for the first time.

Invisible on boards: Of the nearly 9,800 board seats in Fortune 1000 companies, marketers make up just 68.

First fault: CMOs are the directors most likely to be fired if growth targets are missed.

No one would call marketing a practical profession

The adventure and enthusiasm of our field attract the most creative, innovative, innovative, and innovative talents. Changes in consumer needs, desires, motivations, and behaviors still require changes in marketing strategies and tactics. In fact, this is what attracts many of us to the marketing profession. It seems that every day we wake up with a new surprise or crisis that consumes time and energy.

The future of marketing has many surprises:

  • As time and attention diminish, consumers will become even more sophisticated and demanding.
  • As advances in technology accelerate, marketers will be forced to constantly evaluate how we market messages.
  • As business pressures increase, marketing programs and leaders will be increasingly exploited.

The reality will surprise us again, so we have to be ready. The best way to prepare for the future of marketing is to actively participate in your training.

Shape the future of your marketing

There are three things you can do today to prepare for the exciting but uncertain future of marketing:

  1. Improve your skills

Experts predict that by 2034, 47% of current jobs will be automated and 65% of current students will apply for jobs that do not yet exist. The marketing skills you have assigned to your current position are likely to be out of date if you want to do the following.

Commit to being an apprentice for the rest of your life.

  1. become more strategic

While challenging, marketing can easily turn into an endless round of applause. After a while, the mole’s beats are also tiring. This is because this ‘mole’ reappears no matter how perfect or heroically he wins – there is always another marketing challenge that requires your attention.

Obviously, working faster or harder is not the solution; we need to become more strategic marketers. Take time to ask yourself how the next urgent marketing request will promote a broader marketing strategy and, in turn, how both will help you achieve your company’s overall business strategy.

  1. Invest in yourself

Investing time and money in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. This can help you better prepare for an uncertain future, but there is also a current pay in career preparation.

Whether learning to become more strategic, more creative, more analytical, or more agile, act and make decisions that will keep you moving forward and out of your comfort zone.

* * *

What is the future of marketing? If the past is any indication, it will be challenging, exhausting, and uncertain.

Marketing is a constantly changing scenario, as are our customers. We must constantly challenge, adapt and promote our marketing strategies, our teams, and ourselves to stay up to date. To do this, we need to hone our skills, become more strategically savvy in marketing, and invest the rest of our lives in ourselves as students.