Three Steps to Amplify Your Brand Message beyond the Walls of Your Event

The fascination of cultural pillars is almost impossible for brands to ignore. What is a cultural pillar? A great event that captures the public’s imagination before and after the main event, with a corner in the middle. A graph of this track will look a bit like a support machine, according to Braze.

With triggering during such well-known events, marketers can simultaneously make big leaps with tens of thousands of participants – that is, if they know how to create, transmit and spread the right message.

At major events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Comic-Con, and Coachella, the public seeks brands to add value to their experiences. According to EventTrack 2018, a third of consumers said they had paid for the opportunity to attend at least one brand event in the past year. But don’t be surprised if they ignore brands that don’t offer relevant, personalized experiences.

As a result, it is harder than ever to break the sound. Brands need to connect with the public’s desires and satisfy those desires with events that deliver real and memorable value, no matter where the events take place.

The public wants special events, such as exclusive access to brands. They want to interact with influencers in the support sphere in which they participate. And they want a good reason to share their experience later. In short, they expect more.

To personally multiply participants’ involvement in a broader and lasting interest, combine experiential methods with social extensions before, during, and after their subsequent sustained cultural activation.

  1. First, create the story with a social strategy

A study of the relationship between vacation and happiness showed that people reach their peak of happiness eight weeks before the vacation. In other words, anticipation is half the fun. Enjoy this “anticipation of the holidays” not only by increasing the support axis itself, but also your part in it.

Combine excessive marketing with gamification to give visitors something tangible they can expect. Give followers special early access to the site to view exclusive content and offer temporary keys that can physically direct people to your activation site to unlock behind-the-scenes access.

  1. during improving experiences through technologies that change reality

Technologies that change reality no longer surprise the public, but that does not mean that people are fed up with them. In fact, the consumer virtual reality survey found that 79% of consumers plan to look for more VR after the initial launch.

However, you cannot count on the admiration factor of cool technology. Ask yourself how virtual elements will attract more audience engagement and emotion, and choose your technology based on what you want to deliver. VR tools like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, for example, offer high-resolution images, but low portability because they are connected to computers. Is portability important to the experience? If so, look elsewhere.

  1. Then: nurture micro-communities that act as brands like megaphones

People’s love for exclusivity does not stop after the experience. Keep that VIP feeling, trust everyone who was there to share their experiences with the world?

Instead of going to famous influencers, you can invite micro-influencers to the table and give your content to spread the message to your audience online. Micro-influencers are advocates for brands that have valuable end-to-end connections within online “closed communities”.

Word of mouth was and remains the most powerful form of marketing and, although micro-influencers may not have as many fans, their fans tend to invest more. Satisfy people’s need to feel special by showing them that their favorite niche influencers are also your brand’s favorites.


The demand for experiential marketing activations before, during, and after the cultural pillars is increasing, as is the demand for something better. Brands that provide inspiring and inspiring experiences will expand their reach while captivating audiences.