Three Off-Site Tactics That Seriously Boost SEO Traffic

In addition to doing keyword research and taking care of website optimization, improving your backlink profile through SEO is an essential way to increase traffic and organic search results.

Just as you would take a job seeker more seriously if a trusted colleague supported you, Google sees links from relevant, high-authority sites as “evidence” of a site’s authority. To this end, companies want to purchase high-quality backlinks from trusted third-party sites. It is seen as gold SEO.

The challenge is that it is difficult. Very difficult.

What should a marketer do?

Use the following three extremely effective strategies to generate high-quality organic links to your website through off-site SEO. By doubling these numbers, you can generally increase organic traffic to your website three times or more.

  1. Write what you know

Writing articles related to your industry is one of the most effective link-building strategies available for a brand. In addition to fulfilling its practical purpose of protecting backlinks from relevant and highly trusted sites, it also increases brand awareness, allowing you to become an innovative leader in your industry.

First, select the person or people who will be the public leaders of the company. By choosing specific people, readers can become familiar with the same people, learn to trust their work and style, and associate familiar voices with their brand.

You will likely have authors in various categories of expertise. For example, a bank has different internal opinion-makers, investments, loans, pensions, and so on. The CEO can also produce articles related to business and banking in general.

Build your list of target publications based on the target audience and start producing the type of content that will engage their respective audiences for each publication. Before creating your presentation, make sure that the topic, style, and tone are appropriate for each publication.

Your goals should clearly match the goals of the target publication. We must do our best to provide maximum value to the editorial public. The more you give, the more you receive.

  1. Do original research and atomize the results

As an off-site SEO strategy, original searches are great!

Once the survey data has been obtained, observe the atomization of the content to generate different formats of the results. You can then export the different pieces and present them to reporters. One reporter may prefer that you deliver an article, while another may be interested in an infographic and another in your video library. That way, you can reliably and significantly expand your campaign reach while getting a large number of backlinks and search-related traffic.

  1. Reach strategic reach

As a third external strategy to increase SEO traffic, you bring strategic reach to publishers, influencers, and large-scale partners.

If you get in touch with several organizations, you won’t get very far. At least not in terms of SEO results.

It is only when you reach the scale with high-quality publications, authentic influencers, and real partners that your brand can truly breakthrough and dominate search results for targeted topics.

Confirm the size of the audience and the level of involvement in the admission assessment. Reaching those who are true supporters of your product or brand will spread your efforts more to other influencers, as well as to the social network of each audience member.


Implementing off-site SEO initiatives to obtain authentic and organic backlinks is hard work. Following the three methods described above, your brand will provide more backlinks, which in turn will lead to higher rankings and more traffic for your brand.