The Future of Marketing Organizations Post-Pandemic: Top 5 Predictions

The pandemic has caused unprecedented turmoil in the business world, and our marketers are trying to put us in a different environment than ours.

Of course, some of the changes we are going through are only temporary. But others are likely to continue and provide new foundations for the way companies operate after the pandemic.

What will this “new normal” look like? Now can you prepare your team for what is to come?

Here are five of my best predictions about what the future holds for marketers and marketing organizations.

1. Business leaders will fully recognize the benefits of a solid digital strategy

In the past, it was a difficult task to defend the digital transformation. Everyone understood its importance, but few were willing to take the necessary steps.

Digital now provides a lifeline. Customers around the world are turning to brands with the most effective advertising, e-commerce, and/or digital delivery capabilities. As a result, many companies, especially those that are not sufficiently advanced in their digital transformations, are forced to quickly reevaluate their approach.

After all, it is one of the most important components of a game plan that can help protect companies from similar market changes in the future.

2. Marketing plans are implemented more quickly

The crisis of the past few months has shown us that customers’ wants and needs can literally change overnight. This means that a six-month marketing plan may not be as valuable as we think.

Also, we have all learned that a new marketing strategy can be created and implemented in weeks, not months. We show that internal bureaucracy can be removed and delivery times reduced. Why don’t we want to keep moving so quickly in the future?

3. More people are working from home

Many of us are participating in the largest work at home experiment ever undertaken – and the further we go, the more we will learn. How much can companies save on overhead costs if employees work remotely? Will people end up choosing their home office instead of long trips or will they lose the camaraderie and collaboration of shared workspaces?

On a fundamental level, video conferencing has become invaluable for our teams, not only keeping us up to date with work projects but also helping everyone to feel less isolated now.

Looking ahead, how will your B2B marketing tactics change as more buyers work from home?

4. Innovative virtual opportunities

Most large companies canceled face-to-face events until the end of 2020, and some until 2021. Many of these opportunities are transformed into virtual experiences so that brands can keep in touch with customers and potential customers.

It looks easy on paper, but the challenges are great. Just hosting a webinar will not be as effective. Marketers will need to be creative for their business to stand out in the myriad of virtual opportunities that everyone faces.

It is also worth considering how you can extend your participation to those who previously were unable to attend your personal meetings.

How does switching to digital-only possibilities open up new opportunities for your organization?

5. Marketers will feel emboldened with a new nimbleness

It is no exaggeration to say that marketing teams navigate unknown waters. None of us has ever experienced a work environment like the one we face today; and although at times disturbing, it was also incredibly powerful.

As the demand for digital technology grows, our marketers can rely on our newly acquired knowledge and courage to remain mobile and flexible.


The pandemic is changing the behavior and expectations of marketing organizations and their customers in the short and long term.

Our humanity and our shared values are now emphasized. Remember that people are your greatest asset when guiding your team during this crisis. Be constructive in assessing how they responded to the crisis. Focus on the lessons that can be learned and the new strategies that can now be implemented.

It is vital to prepare your team for a future that may seem challenging for a while.