Strategies for B2B Executives: How to Boost Content Marketing ROI and Impact

Although C-suites often feel disconnected from content marketing, they can make a significant contribution to your organization’s success.

For many executives, content marketing or its impact is like a unicorn – someone may have told them it was real, but they don’t have the time or the will to prove it. This, along with other limitations, leads managers to leave the management and evaluation of content marketing to marketing managers.

What can catch the attention of managers is that content marketing can offer success rates up to six times higher than other digital marketing methods. While ROI can be high, high-quality content marketing takes a long time, from planning to writing, editing, and distribution.

Given the focus and energy your marketing team puts into content marketing, wouldn’t it be great to find ways for leadership to expand these efforts?

Here are three main information marketing initiatives that particularly benefit leadership participation, contribution, and energy to get an idea of   how B2B leaders can (and should) contribute to content marketing.

  1. Webinar

For many people, webinars remain one of the most popular forms of B2B marketing – of all webinars held in one year, B2B companies account for 61%. And your team is working hard on these webinars to attract 20 to 40% of the webinar participants who will become qualified indicators.

To attract more attendees, presenters with the titles “CEO”, “President” or “Executive Authority” can help viewers learn from the best professionals.

Your team may still be responsible for creating the content, design, and packaging of the webinar, but launching an executive presenter can be a big boost to your efforts.

Webinars generally only last 30-45 minutes, which means that as a manager, you only need to spend a small amount of your time generating a larger set of high-quality tips for your organization. If you want to take a more active role in the webinar itself, your team’s marketers will be happy to get your insight into the most popular topics.

Follow the most discussed topics in your area through your daily conversations, the information you receive from industry events, or even the emails you receive from newsletter subscribers in your industry so you can share them with your team and make them valuable for B2B webinars.

  1. Informative interviews

Encouraging your team to sit down with you for an informational interview on a topic is another way to add value to your content marketing. With a 20-30 minute interview with you or another member of the executive team, your marketing team can get inspired and collect content for blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, e-books, and more.

Our team applies this tactic by regularly discussing with our executive team a topic that is relevant to our audience and about which our leadership team has specialized knowledge. (Check out the four questions the blog series answers to see this approach in action.)

To ensure that the interview is as effective and valuable as possible, ask your team to prepare the following products to share with you before the interview:

  • 5-6 main questions
  • 2-3 additional questions
  • Proposed content marketing options
  • Content sharing and distribution plan
  1. Video

Content marketing is traditionally seen in the form of blog posts, white papers, and e-books; however, many people learn visually. They want to watch instead of reading.

Although digital and online are often seen as a way to disconnect people from their environment, including humans, video marketing shows that audiences want to consume a more human and identifiable type of content.

In some cases, videos can convey an image more clearly than words, especially if you want to communicate information quickly and concisely.

And the detailed videos that show or show the leaders of organizations create charm and intrigue that generate clicks, directions, and, ultimately, sales.

Videos can be used in a variety of ways and on different channels: on social media, in emails, on your website, or at trade shows. Including a video on an important page of the site can also increase the time spent on the page and expose visitors to more content and lead generation opportunities.

Videos also increase the likelihood of introducing your organization and brand to key decision-makers – of the B2B decision-makers surveyed, 59% prefer video content over text.

Here are some B2B video ideas to get your team thinking creatively about using their digital experience:

  • Core company values
  • Solutions to customer’s pain points
  • Industry industry practices
  • Overview of products, services, and solutions
  • Innovative leadership themes

Executive impact on content marketing

While an effective marketing team is equipped to produce content marketing that resonates with prospects and customers and is aligned with your business goals and strategies, executive team membership and participation can increase your efforts and provide more opportunities to attract more people with qualified leads.

Especially in the B2B world, faces and names on a company’s leadership team can make it more identifiable, reliable, and accessible.