Six Ways to Be More Genuine in Your Customer Interactions

We have long known that people make decisions based on emotions, not logic. That is why our marketers are constantly trying to address consumer emotions and optimize their experiences, all to build brand loyalty and influence purchasing decisions.

Create an authentic connection

Think of your client as a friend to start thinking about your real moments. You celebrate your friends, empathize with them, and listen to them: you show them that you appreciate them as a person. Treating your customers this way creates the right moments to connect.

Create real moments for a better customer experience

Real moments can happen spontaneously, but you don’t have to wait passively for them when there are so many opportunities to reach customers. The important thing is to take it personally: 44% of customers say they will return to the company after personal contact. Some even expect customization.

  1. Live your brand

Show others how you want your business to be seen every day; do this by living the mission and values   of your brand. When your employees know that company values   are essential to your organization’s day-to-day operations, you will see a ripple effect that leaves a lasting impression.

  1. Discover the wisdom of your team

Assemble a collaborative strategic team that brings together different perspectives and data and discusses the relationships you have – and the ones you want – with your customers.

Start with those who communicate directly with customers – customer support, sales, and marketing will be filled with customer insights and feedback. We are all customers of other companies, so give everyone on your team a chance to share what they like and dislike when dealing with brands as well.

  1. Know your customer’s journey

The development of a point of contact customer lifecycle strategy is of great importance for any company. It sounds complicated, but it is just a plan that you develop and execute so as not to lose your true emotions, from a warm welcome to a historic celebration.

Consider all the touchpoints your customer will have with your brand before, during, and after a purchase (preferably, it identifies a mix of business and life moments) and strategies to automatically activate it as often as possible.

  1. Celebrate the customer, not the brand

Birthdays are an obvious time in a customer lifecycle event and should be the first thing that comes to mind in your point of contact strategy. But think about how to do this: while many marketers have birthday plans or offers, most don’t worry about making truly personal emotional connections.

  1. Go beyond birthdays

Customer birthdays are another great opportunity to create real moments. You can recognize part of the story, express your appreciation, and send a wish for the future of your relationship.

Use every opportunity to show gratitude: thanking your customers for your business is always the time you spend or, more importantly, apologizing when necessary. The way a company treats a customer when things go wrong can make or break a brand.

  1. Reach with meaning

Make your interaction meaningful, regardless of the point of contact with the customer. Social expression, like sending a birthday card with a personal message, is a great way to communicate with customers authentically.

As a sender, you have the opportunity to say something about yourself and, at the same time, recognize something about the recipient. A commercial letter, e-mail, banner, commercial, or even direct mail simply does not give the company the consent of personal contact.

* * *

We are all somebody’s customers and we all love it when we hear something good about a brand. Your customers are no different. When you stop communicating in an authentic, personal and meaningful way, your efforts will be rewarded with love and loyalty.