Six Reasons It’s Time for Brands to Replace Stock Photos with User-Generated Content

Let’s face it, stock photography is boring.

Although there is resistance to traditional advertising, the public is still willing to engage with brands that provide a positive experience.

As resistance to traditional marketing grows, so does the availability of authentic, filtered content, including images, on social media. And this is an opportunity.

Here are six reasons why it’s time to discard photos in exchange for user-generated content.

  1. Not everyone can look like role models

After all, you can’t imagine a new piece of clothing if every photo of that dress has someone who doesn’t look like you.

Consumers know that patterns can look good on almost anything, so it is important to show the appearance of the same item in different sizes, styles, ages, ethnicities, and body shapes. Unfortunately, traditional marketing does not lend itself easily to this type of variety, but user content does.

  1. People create better images

The quality of user-generated content has improved significantly in recent years, allowing ordinary people to take valuable photos now. Part of the reason for the improvement is the gradual increase in the quality of smartphone cameras, which now use sophisticated software to help users always get the perfect opportunity.

Apple launched an entire campaign around images “taken on an iPhone” to show the narrowing of the gap between professional photographic equipment and wearable devices.

  1. Figures don’t lie

Brands in different sectors are successful every day with user-generated content, and sometimes the numbers are really surprising. Replacing your Facebook ads with embroidered videos with user-generated content.

We’ve seen similar results on other channels, from websites to microsites to show ads, increase engagement, decrease bounce rates and improve recall.

  1. User-generated content allows you to increase the volume

Although the image libraries seem endless, those who have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect photo know that it can be extremely difficult to find exactly what they are looking for, especially if they are looking for something that looks authentic.

  1. People will help promote your brand when you present your content

Marketing is about spreading the word and user-generated content usually adds another authentic voice to the conversation; manufacturer. The people whose work is used not only provide high-quality content for free; after being asked to participate in a campaign, they tend to become your biggest supporters too. Presenting someone’s content encourages the creator to spread the word on their networks.

  1. It has never been easier

Many marketers know that the public responds better to user-generated content, but many feel intimidated by the task of obtaining images, for example, guaranteeing the rights to use them and tag or tag the photos they collect.

Fortunately, however, there are tools out there that make it easier than ever to capture, protect and store engaging, authentic, and vibrant images of everyday active consumers on social media. Marketers can search for the specific content they need (in addition to hashtags and locations), and the process of obtaining rights to use content is simplified.

User-generated content has never been more accessible, more effective, or of higher quality than it is today. So why would anyone continue to use images?