Seven Tips for Building a Video Marketing Campaign

Video is getting hotter by the day, becoming the most popular medium for content marketing and marketing in general. If you are using video, here are seven tips to help you.

  1. Create a solid concept

The first step is to know and write what you want the video to be. It looks like you can start making a video, but without a concept, you have nothing to work with.

To get your video marketing campaign off to a good start, it’s important to identify the following:

  • Your target audience. Who is the target audience for the video? Identify the people you want to reach. Your audience determines the style, tone, and content of your video.
  • The product or service you want to offer. Build a solid concept around what you want to promote. A likely option is to offer your own products or services, with their benefits and resources.
  • The message you want to convey. You need a call to action (CTA) or message telling the audience what to do next. Are you visiting your website? Start a trial subscription…?
  1. Keywords are essential

Keyword research is primarily done for written copies or content of websites and online ads. However, this does not mean that it does not apply to videos. If you go to YouTube and enter keywords in the search bar, you’ll find a menu full of suggestions. These are the main video searches related to your search:

  1. Start writing (write-once)

About 90% of YouTube videos are shown with audio. Nobody wants to hear a boring monologue with boring content. People want to hear a conversation, not a lifeless robot talking to them.

Do not use shortcuts to write scripts. Invest in decent text and get video and audio quality. Here are some tips for writing text:

  • List the points you want to discuss in the video.
  • Name the subject of the video at the beginning so as not to lose viewers.
  • Keep it simple by avoiding unnecessary jargon and long sentences.
  1. Help with tools

Whether you’re a video marketing guru or just getting started, you need to use several tools to create your videos.

You don’t have to break the bank to create an impressive video marketing campaign. The web is full of features. (However, you probably don’t have time to look for the perfect tool to use.

If you are on a tight budget, you can get free tools. If you want to brag, you have more options to choose from.

  1. Animation can help

Depending on your needs, narrative explanatory videos can be very exciting and great for explaining how something works. It is also ideal for communicating complex ideas or messages.

This is because images are easier to understand than text or sound. Here are some types of animated explanatory videos that you can create:

  • Whiteboard
  • Standard animation
  • Moving images
  • 3D animation
  1. Don’t forget the call to action

At the end of the video, there should be an engaging message or CTA targeted to the audience. Most of the time, people need instructions on what to do next. The action can be simple to visit your website or contact a potential customer.

A call to action does not necessarily have to be a salesperson. You can use these phrases at the end of the video to encourage your audience to take action:

  • “More information about our company”.
  • “Check out our website for more content like this!”
  • “Do you have a question? Talk to us!”
  1. Spread the word

Once you have your video, it’s time to put it into practice. You can’t just put it on a platform and expect it to spread like wildfire. Here are some places where you can post your videos:

  • Your site
  • Your landing page
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Your social accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Use your social media platforms to distribute your video. Broadcast in your feed, to your followers, and wherever you can think, where your target audience can find you.