SEO Professionals: Why You Should Guarantee SEO Results

Dear SEO community, customers don’t just want our SEO tips, they want guaranteed results.

Before we start proclaiming that Google’s algorithms change goals, let me clarify one thing: I’m not talking about guaranteed ratings. We all know that the SEO professionals who offer guaranteed ratings are questionable or magical characters (or maybe both).

Why should you offer SEO guarantees?

To begin with, since the two biggest challenges faced by SEO professionals are that customers do not understand the value of SEO and it is difficult to prove the return on investment, it makes sense to give customers what they really want. If you and your customers cannot justify the value of your service, you need to budget first.

However, the greatest earning potential comes from replacing the project-based price or hourly rate with a performance-based paid gain model based on your SEO guarantees. But it only works in certain circumstances.

When should you provide SEO guarantees?

The key to ensuring that SEO guarantees work on a pay-for-performance model is to be selective with the customers you want to hire. You should evaluate the opportunity in advance, researching potential customers to ensure that they meet the following five criteria.

  1. Provides an SEO-optimized product

While all companies need an online presence today, some companies get more value from SEO than others.

For new products or services, SEO is a terrible channel – if no one knows that a product exists, they will not look for it online. Likewise, some products, such as perfumes, benefit less from SEO, as they are usually tested and purchased in stores, not online.

  1. It is suitable for the product/market

If a potential customer’s product is SEO-friendly, make sure that the product/market pass has already been reached, which means that customers are already buying products on the company’s website.

As SEO professionals, our job is not to create businesses, but to help reduce the cost of acquiring customers through organic search results. Therefore, if consumers have not yet confirmed the need for a particular product, there is no guarantee that even the best SEO strategy would lead them to buy.

  1. They have a good reputation for delivery

Potential customers need to provide more than just proof of demand for their products, but also to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of their buyers.

SEO rankings depend in part on the reputation of the links on the pages of a particular website. Customers who have a lot of negative reviews online are likely to earn more quality links, and no SEO strategy can eliminate negative reviews or improve customer service.

  1. They have minimal online popularity

Since Google does not rank completely unknown sites, its SEO efforts would be in vain if the company did not do the marketing and public relations necessary to become known online.

Assuming that potential customers maintain an active online presence by constantly creating new and useful content, it will be much easier to help them find your content and ultimately improve their ratings naturally.

  1. They have a clean record and a positive outlook

Google punishes illegal SEO behavior and, sometimes, the residual consequences of a questionable former SEO consultant can prevent the client’s website from being ranked high.

Finally, check Google Trends to make sure that any drop in site traffic is due to inappropriate SEO practices and technical errors, not a drop in demand for the company’s products.

* * *

Even if you earn the same amount you would earn without the guarantee, your customers will be happier and stay longer and recommend your services to someone else.

However, the most likely scenario is that performance-based compensation or a profit-sharing model will increase your earnings and those of your customers.