Secrets of a successful Snapchat advertising strategy

Content marketers are in a fantastic position to reach more and more potential customers and increase the loyalty of customers who have already booked.

From social media to video ads, they are in a better position than ever to deliver real results.

And some of these real results are due to the fact that social media appears to have power.

If you are a content marketer looking to explore new digital marketing venues, how about a social media platform reaching 41% of the United States in the 18 to 34 age group?

If you feel the same way and want to get more out of social media marketing efforts, let me introduce you to the real-time mobile chat program that has taken the world by storm.


Here are some amazing social media statistics that can encourage you to add this platform to your list of media marketing channels:

Snapchat users spend 25 to 30 minutes on the app every day.

60% of daily active users also contribute content (meaning that their marketing is not a one-way street on the media platform).

Let’s take a look at Snapchat’s first marketing principle.

  1. Use the top-down approach

When most marketing strategies are applied, the numbers game starts at some point.

You cannot expect to generate a large amount of traffic to your website without increasing the frequency of the content.

You will not see good engagement numbers on your social media platforms without sending the correct number of relevant updates.

And you can’t grow your Snapchat account at a good pace without building relationships with influencers.

  1. Offer exclusive content on Snapchat and take advantage of the urgency inherent in the social media platform

Due to the ephemeral nature of the content on Snapchat, users are eager to give up on this social network.

If you really want to take advantage of the inherent urgency, providing private and exclusive access to your brand is a great tactic.

Here are 4 possible ways to engage Snapchat users and motivate them to take action:

  • Gifts and competitions
  • Ultra-fast sales
  • Special Discounts
  • Preview and prospects on stage 
  1. Keep your audience engaged in taking screenshots

In 2013, Snapchat introduced a new feature called “stories”.

As the name suggests, the user can create a story with a collection of screenshots.

This means that you can use a wide variety of photos and videos, along with the fun features of Snapchat to create drawings, text additions, emojis, and so on in your ads to show an engaging story.

This is not just a great way to overcome the brevity of images and videos on Snapchat. You can also generate interest and get a lot of involvement in different positions.

I highly recommend changing “Who Can …” >> “See My Story” from “My Friends” (default) to “Everyone”. You can find this option in the settings.

  1. Enjoy the use of filters, emojis, and designs

Snapchat users don’t want to hear about ads.

That’s why your stories and screenshots must be recognizable and engaging on the social network. You have to make the conversation pleasant for the consumer.

I have already shown how emojis are a serious tool for marketers.

On Snapchat, you get geographic filters, objectives, and designs.

You can also create an interactive ad using sponsored goals (Snapchatters interact with goals for an average of 20 seconds). Here’s Taco Bell, letting his audience play with his goals.


Snapchat is an excellent platform for most types of companies looking to build a relationship with their customers through authentic and personalized content. In fact, Brian Robbins of AwesomenessTV considers it the most relevant social media platform for content marketing.