QR codes: The upgrade to your Marketing Strategy

QR codes: The upgrade to your Marketing Strategy


Augmented Reality (AR) is the growing technology in 2022, and the use of QR codes has lifted the AR industry to a new level. When it comes to marketing then QR codes can add a few more digits to your revenue, How? Well, we all know that in this digitally developing world there are new inventions now and then and people are adopting them. QR codes can be used in various types in your marketing strategy.

First, let us understand 

What QR codes are?

QR stands for “Quick Response”, as the name defines QR codes are used to give a quick response and can be used as a call to action feature in various ways. QR codes may look simple and small but they are capable of carrying huge data in them. Every QR code has a unique element design that is used to redirect the scanner to the destination page instantly.

The standard barcodes can only be read by scanning them in one direction, so they carry small data, whereas QR codes can be scanned in any direction as they are a series of pixels in a grid, hence they can store a large amount of accurate data. Many smartphones have an inbuilt camera scanner option through which they can scan the codes easily and instantly and because of this QR codes are used in advertising and marketing campaigns by marketers.

Use of QR Codes in marketing.

QR Codes can be used in marketing in various ways to market your brand, in B2B business you can take advantage of QR codes. Here are some points in which you can see how QR can advantage your marketing strategy:

  1. Traditional Advertising

You can add QR codes to the flex, advertising, prints, etc. So that it’ll be easy for the audience to reach you or to see the information stored in that particular QR code. As we know QR codes are known to store huge data in them, which benefits in using less space in advertisements, easy, and instant access to the data or information.

  1. Networking and Sharing

QR codes are more than just data storing small units, they can be used as redirects to your Instagram page, Twitter page, to the subscribe tab of your page, or to any other social media CTA, which makes it easy to grow more on the social media platform. Social Media is the medium used to spread the network across the globe and with the help of QR codes, you can make this process easy and more impactful, as in B2B we know that word of mouth has a great impact in spreading your network.

  1. Payment Options

It’s 2022 now and almost everyone has transformed their payment modes to digital payments, there are different payment modes emerging today. That’s why B2B businesses are implementing digital payment options to gain more B2B sales. QR codes play a vital role in the growth of digital payments mode as they are easy and instant to access the account details and make a payment.

  1.  Creative Marketing Strategy

QR codes are not just a black and white box with the square shape grid in it but they can be designed in various interesting ways, in your B2B marketing, you can creatively design the QR codes according to your strategy which can attract the audience to drive more conversions and more sales. Don’t just follow the crowd and use the boring basic QR codes instead design them and show your marketing creativity as the audience doesn’t like something boring displayed in front of them, but instead, if they see a creative and attractive ad then there is a probability of getting more conversions.

  1. Business Cards

It gets difficult to transfer a person’s information on their business card to the other person’s contact database so at times they just neglect to take the efforts of getting the details manually and here you lose a network chain. But with the help of QR codes, you can add all your details like name, email address, title, and contact number, these all data can be put up in a QR code, and then you can add it to your business card so people can simply just scan the code and get all the information instantly to their database, which makes the networking process easier and more accurate. 

This can help you generate leads from in-person communication because in B2B the more things are easy and efficient are always appreciated and are helpful. 


In B2B you should always focus more on connecting your prospects easily and simply so that the conversion process gets easier. If you make your information easily available to the prospects by adding all your information in a QR code, then there’s more probability of getting high conversion rates as the QR code gives instant information access to the scanner. Also, it gives more information than you would be able to give in the traditional method. 

To make The QR code more effective try posting it on the main pages like the landing page of your website which includes the lead generation form on it. QR codes are not just used to gather traffic on your site but they also can generate a good number of leads if used properly and be easier to access. QR codes can be used in many different ways, here above-mentioned ways are just some of them, it all depends on your marketing strategy on how you take advantage of it and make the most out of it. Once you start using QR Codes in your strategy you’ll find out more different and effective ways which you can improve later. 

“Modern problems require modern solutions” and QR codes are the best example as the solution for sharing and networking the data. If you find out this article useful then do let us know in the comments below, and also check out other articles on our site for more such information.