Pay to Win: Why Online Advertising is a Marketing Essential

Marketing means using all the tools at your disposal to promote your business and generate sales, so why ignore one? This blog is for all companies that want to promote themselves, but are ashamed to pay for online advertising. An important note is that this is not a blog about the effectiveness of online advertising, but about why. We compare the marketing plans created with or without ads and how, with the low access limit and a wide variety of media and segmentation, it makes no sense to ignore this potential flow of users to your website, restaurant, or another store.

The vision of the online ecosystem

The most used online services, from Google Search to Facebook, work for two reasons (and in that order): It’s free and sells your data. These are two sides of the same coin: these companies can grow and provide better and broader services because their revenues do not come directly from user fees or payments, but from advertisers who sell to their users. This will be a golden rule for these companies: everything they need to do to influence how they deliver results to advertisers so they can continue to use their services. Online advertising is therefore more powerful than ever.

Organic vs. paid: an unfair comparison

We already have organic vs. I paid for it here at Vision, and we always get the same meme response: “Why not both?” You can engage users with good content, such as blogs. Online advertising doesn’t change anything, but it can improve. Have you created a great blog to turn visitors into customers? You can advertise it on social media to increase your reach. Do you have an excellent product page where all the SEO is done by nines? Okay, that means a better Google ad position.

Free is the Entry Level, Not the End Game

And it’s important to understand that this online ecosystem also applies to your business – your online presence is important and usually free – free accounts for Facebook, Yelp, Linked In, and other online platforms, offers, and locations. But it is important to understand that this should only be the starting point on these platforms. All of them are programmed for ads and premium features, and if you want to go from success to success on these platforms, you need to start running ads that will effectively (and improve) your organic content.

Three examples of advertising: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

To understand how three different platforms require good marketing (SEO, blog, content writing, links, etc.) and how we can improve this through advertising, let’s take a look at three platforms and an example of how it works:

Google Ads: Google Search is your preferred search platform and your ranking on it directly affects how often your site is visited. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) allows you to skip the queue and be listed at the top, especially useful for areas or keywords where you don’t rank high in terms of organic content, so you can cover more areas.

Facebook Ads (and Instagram Ads): Facebook and Instagram are two platforms belonging to the same company, with their own trendy ad platform. Whether you want to build one or both of these platforms or accelerate your success on those platforms, ads can help you generate a presence or bring current fans to your site.

LinkedIn Premium Ads and Features: LinkedIn has always been a B2B platform and, as such, follows a few different rules. For B2B companies, sales, and job search departments, LinkedIn’s premium and advertising features (such as Sales Navigator) can help companies of all sizes find their customers, employees, and competitors.

All of the above examples are based on your users’ data. The real question is: what is right for you? Do Google or Facebook ads make more sense? How do you combine your marketing with your advertising? Which sectors perform best on which platforms?

You don’t have to find these answers yourself. Whether you’re just getting started with your marketing or want to improve it, you can make it happen with Vision Advertising. We are a digital marketing agency dedicated to providing the best tools, from organic content to online advertising, to meet your needs and goals. We specialize in comprehensive Internet marketing, from websites to social media and everything in between.