Online advertising trends | 2021

The online advertising trends for 2021 promise to be very interesting. While 2020 was a strange time for marketers,

Online shopping and browsing are more common than ever: 87% of households bought online this year, compared to 82% in 2019, simply because we couldn’t leave the house. Those who have perfected their online advertising strategies are successful.

So, how should we move forward in 2021? And what trends can lead us to success next year? In this article, we will discuss some of the main trends in online advertising.

What trends in online advertising will we consider for 2021?

  • Creative optimization
  • In-game ads
  • Increasing regulation
  1. Creative optimization

In 2021, advertising will have to focus on effectiveness. This is where creative optimization and the concept of automatic ad optimization come into play. Nobody wants to spend hours playing with preferences in an advertising campaign. Especially when there are platforms that can do all the heavy lifting for you!

Automated Facebook app ads are something you should consider in 2021, as they allow you to streamline campaigns and management while running a / b testing to determine which ads work best for you.

These optimized ads also play an important role in terms of position. That way, you can more accurately find out where your customers are advertising. Also, reach a wider audience than you think.

You can test a number of variants to determine which is best for your customer base, with guidance and data to use in future campaigns. Being fully automated means less work for you and your team.

  1. In-game ads

Many of us find ourselves in blockades through the app store on our phones to find games to interact with. And if we complete a level, we may have seen an ad. In most cases, players gain an advantage by looking at these ads, perhaps more credits per game or more lives. This means that your ad is worth watching. Above all, something they remember a lot after moving to the next level.

While some may not appreciate this disruption to their gaming experience, we can expect this trend in online advertising to continue in 2021, and we should take advantage of it.

What are the benefits of in-game video ads?

  • In-game advertising allows brands to reach larger audiences than ever before. While there may be arguments about the contextual targeting of some of these ads, there is no doubt that this is something to consider during implementation. You can reach a wider audience, from mothers to teenagers who study at home!
  • It is easy to detect clicks. You can see when users click on your ad and determine if it accidentally fell or was an intentional click based on the bounce rate.
  • You can also reach a larger female audience. The demographics of the pins are split between men and women by about 50/50, which means you don’t have to worry about creating ads for men.
  1. Increasing regulation

Let’s start with contextual ads and the idea that users just want to see ads that mean something to them, let’s start with personalization. In 2021, image ads are expected to attract consumers, but that idea is not new. In fact, it is a regular trend in online advertising.

What do you need to fix?

In the age of tired advertising, personalization has to work in a variety of formats, not just on social media.

Everything, from page content to PPC campaigns, must reach the demographic group that you consider best for your brand. Customize your blog’s content needs to be based on what you want to buy.

Most importantly, your team must understand the importance of serving your audience and be able to quickly adjust resources to attract the right consumers. Here are just three important features to consider when taking a personalized approach:

  • Facebook ads. Facebook users, in addition to ads, target them based on what they interact with. Your ads must be personal to them.
  • The e-mail. Although there has been a shift in email marketing, brands recognize its importance when it comes to personalization. Personalized email campaigns make it easier to target users based on their buying habits. This allows you to encourage them to buy from you. You can even offer an incentive, such as a specially generated discount code!
  • Google AdWords. Find out what your customers are probably looking for, then target the terms for your next campaign in your next campaign. Users think the ad is just for them, increasing their chances of getting attention.

Next steps in online advertising trends

Next year, we marketers must adapt, put the consumer first and ensure that we, as brands, provide them with the experiences they want and need. By focusing on personalization and contextualization, we must be able to build strong relationships and reputations with those we desire as customers.