Nine Ways to Create Sponsorship Packages for Virtual Events

A major concern for event organizers, as they move from face-to-face to virtual events, is how to maximize revenue through sponsorship packages.

Contrary to the standards set for face-to-face events, the establishment of sponsorship agreements for virtual events is relatively unknown. You need to take a creative approach to the process to deliver compelling value propositions to sponsors.

To guarantee the sponsor’s commitments, the offer must be adapted to create experiences that allow sponsors to obtain maximum brand recognition, build qualified leads, sell and build relationships.

You can achieve these goals by reevaluating various aspects of your opportunity. As a co-founder of a virtual event platform that partners with B2B companies and businesses to create memorable virtual event experiences, I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to create exciting sponsor packages in the following areas.

  1. A website with marketing opportunities and models

Create brand awareness for sponsors by listing them as proud partners on your event website and other marketing materials. For example, offer to include logos and other brand identities in your email marketing model and social media posts.

When attendees and followers hear about your event, they will also see related brands. This first contact prepares visitors for what they will experience during the event.

  1. Banner ads and pop-ups on the event platform and on the mobile app

Ad banners and pop-up messages can be placed in predefined spaces on the event platform and on the event’s mobile app. Common places for these brand placements include the event’s home screen, event page, results pages, question and answer pages, and more. In the event’s mobile app, you can even include push notifications that send messages to participants’ phones.

  1. Sponsored thought leadership or presentation session

If the desired sponsors take the lead in some area of innovation, you can offer sponsored sessions as a space to talk about your new developments and solutions. These sessions have a dual purpose: to educate the public and to promote sponsors. You can offer this event exclusively, only to premium sponsors.

Alternatively, you can offer pre-recorded sessions that interview your sponsor about common points of pain and innovations that the sponsor is bringing to the market.

You can also ask sponsors to create tutorial videos so they can share how your product or service solves a common problem. This content can be posted on the event page as an additional resource for attendees.

  1. Sponsored video ads

Offer to place Sponsored Video Ads between Main Event sessions. They can be viewed before the start of a new session or just after the end. Offering pre-recorded content to visitors can also include video ads with the content as added value for your sponsors.

  1. Highlight virtual bathrooms

If you are planning group sessions for your event, you can mark each group room with a different sponsor brand, making participants even more visible. You can also allow sponsors to make exclusive offers to room participants.

  1. Exhibits of virtual and standard meetings with matchmaking algorithm

Create virtual booths where sponsors can find visitors interested in exploring sponsorship offers.

  1. Sponsors can prepare a video exhibition to share their products and services with visitors.

Sponsor representatives must be available during the event to speak with attendees to build relationships or close deals.

To stay organized, sponsors can choose to schedule virtual meetings before the virtual event or schedule meetings during the event. This gives participants and sponsors the flexibility to define their live call schedule after the event starts.

For the events calendar, it is also possible to reserve time for visits and meetings at the fair. Alternatively, exhibitors can present their virtual stand during the event.

He uses a matching algorithm to further improve the experience, connect potential customers with sponsors who match them and analyze their profiles, interests, and behaviors.

  1. Gamification or sponsored activities

Create competitions around your company and give sponsors the opportunity to award prizes to winners. The sponsor’s brand can be used on the contest and results pages, and sponsors can advertise and send gifts to the winners.

      9. Sponsored Search

Offer to help sponsors collect participants’ opinions before, during, and after the event. Add additional questions during registration, run live polls, and include sponsorship inquiries in polls after the event.

Use a combination of the ideas in this article to create sponsorship packages for the most exciting occasion. Specify a combination of items, give the package a title and determine the price. Create low options that sponsors can choose from.

Anxious sponsors look forward to your next event in the blink of an eye!