New and Exciting Ways Brands Are Using AI on Social Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) may not disappoint the human race as in films, but it is willing to change the world as we know it. The real impact of AI has not yet been felt, but it is no longer just the magic of cinema … it is reality.

While we are not yet seeing the full potential of AI – and many marketers are still adjusting to the learning curve – some brands are already using this powerful tool to engage their social media audience and gain a competitive advantage.

See how.

Publish custom social feeds to your sites

Some brands are using AI to bridge the gap between social engagement and e-commerce. For example, cosmetics brand ColourPop wanted to bring its 5 million followers on Instagram to their product and checkout pages, where they could buy something. He set up a feed based on a personalized social message algorithm for each Instagram user directly on his mobile site.

By posting personalized social publications on its website, ColourPop can build an intuitive and complete experience for the customer, making the search and purchase process more integrated for the social audience.

Find social influencers among your audience

Almost 90% of marketers say that influential marketing can have a positive effect on consumers, according to eMarketer, and 70% believe that influential marketing budgets will increase in 2018, but more than 70% of these professionals say that find the right influencers for their campaigns are still a challenge.

By automating this process, Kia does not have to waste time looking for valuable players in social conversations. Kia quickly found the best influencers for its brand and audience and launched multiple social campaigns for one of the biggest social events of the year.

Implementation of social image recognition

AI software can now recognize people and objects in images with more than 99% accuracy. This technology can be extremely valuable in the hands of marketers. It can be used to assess customer visits to the store and social contacts and combine these activities to create a complete customer profile. Marketers can offer more personalized experiences, such as discounts and welcome messages, as soon as customers enter their stories.

Millions of users use visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram and share billions of posts every day. It can be difficult to examine the content and identify potential buyers. For example, people can post photos of your products but do not include your brand or product name in the caption. If you follow only keywords, you’ll never see those messages and miss the opportunity to identify and understand interested customers.

With AI-powered image recognition, brands can extend their social listening experience beyond simple text and access valuable data to better understand their audience.

AI and social media join forces

AI may seem daunting and intriguing, but for marketers, it points to a great opportunity: data. AI-powered tools can save time and resources by automating processes and bringing more data to your brand.

Marketers can then use this data to achieve a variety of goals, such as finding influencers, delivering more personalized experiences, and closing the cycle between social engagement and online or in-store conversions, driving business.