Marketers and Retailers, Want to Survive the Holiday Season? Implement AI.

With the entire retail industry at a crossroads – with store closings, CMO renewals, and competition on Amazon – retailers have a lucrative opportunity to differentiate themselves and gain undecided customers through marketing. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task.

One of the biggest challenges faced by almost half of retailers during the 2019 holiday season is figuring out how to reach their target audience.

The solution? Artificial intelligence (AI).

While some retailers are reluctant to invest in emerging technologies, they believe in the power of AI – almost 50% of marketers will have used AI or machine learning in 2019 alone. The artificial intelligence found will be one of the biggest trends in this period parties.

So, let’s see why using this technology will help you develop a successful marketing strategy this holiday season.

Artificial intelligence controls marketing costs

It also examines an organization’s past and current campaigns to find the best ways to cut costs and increase results.

With the data, AI takes the guesswork out of ad placement and realizes how users update ad placement, audience analysis, and creative concepts so they can reduce spending and maximize results. It also saves hundreds of hours of data analysis and compresses them into short, actionable insights into how best to reach customers.

Artificial intelligence creates excitement

With AI, marketers have a better idea of what type of content will generate the most return. By analyzing data points, AI can see which line items are driving the consumer behavior that their campaigns need: image labels, video content, emojis, character counts, and more.

Let’s say you create an ad on social media to promote a new vacation promotion. Artificial intelligence can tell whether opals or diamonds perform better. Or, if you want to show a picture of people at the bottom of the sea, AI can determine whether people should smile or kiss.

By combining the right creative elements for your products, such as a reseller or reseller, you can attract the attention of potential buyers and generate the highest conversions while at the same time differentiating yourself from the competition.

Artificial intelligence saves time

All marketing strategies require a combination of print, digital, inbound, and basic marketing. But using so many aspects of marketing can take time and distract you from other creative marketing efforts. With AI, you can launch fully creative and well-founded advertising campaigns in minutes, which deliver an average ROI of 21% in just 15 days.

AI helps acquire new customers

While an abundance of evidence shows that repeat customers generate most of the revenue, the concern is growing among retailers about acquiring new customers, both in-store and online.

This priority stems in part from the fear of the so-called “retail apocalypse”, but also from the challenges of getting in touch with an increasingly younger clientele and with different expectations than its predecessors. But with AI, marketers can find out which aspect of the ad is generating the most return and convert new buyers.

Artificial intelligence helps to exhaust the campaign

AI also faces a major challenge for marketers: creative fatigue. Marketers often make the mistake of not responding quickly enough when a campaign takes too long or when some aspect of the image or text material is overused. If left untreated, creative fatigue can increase a campaign’s CPA over time.

Artificial intelligence can suggest new campaigns every day and prevent ads from showing for a long time. Also, AI marketers can simultaneously help deliver different types of ads to different audiences to create a more advanced marketing approach.

Artificial intelligence answers questions you don’t know

When AI measures hundreds of thousands of data points every day to guess human behavior, you may see some strange results. AI has a deep understanding of past behavior and content and can see how that behavior is changing in real-time. What can take days or weeks to see, AI immediately sees a new trend and can allow marketers to take advantage of it.

For example, the intended customer for a men’s clothing store is men between the ages of 25 and 40, but the AI   may indicate that you must sell to women between 24 and 65 years of age. While it may seem inefficient, you need to rely on the data. (After all, many women buy gifts for men while on vacation!)

AI can see elements in ads that are certain to lead to conversions. Let AI be your guide to launching timely marketing initiatives and you’ll see conversions begin.

AI time is now

Every retailer prepares for the holidays, and the adoption of new technologies is the solution that many are responding to. 59% of online retailers say they will introduce new technologies to present products to customers during the 2019 holiday season. But with the technology available, AI will be the best tool for achieving the best results.

From managing marketing costs to the enthusiasm and inspiring conversations, AI allows you to not only survive the holidays but also thrive.