How to Write a B2B Interpreter Video Script

You sell and sell to companies, not consumers. We are talking about real B2B stuff here. So if you’re going to create marketing and sales materials, don’t mislead the explanatory video;

Sure, but what about the people watching the video?

With that in mind, let’s review each section of the script to ensure we execute this valuable conversion mission across all B2B videos.

  1. Make problems recognizable to many people

One of the main differences between B2B and B2C sales is that there must be different people selling your product.

That means putting problems into your video script so they’re recognizable to the ever hesitant goalies, but recognizable enough that if your boss watches the video… they’ll also recognize the problem of solving the problem your offer separately promises.

  1. Specify your solution

Now is the time to talk about your company and the great product or service that will change the industry. The most important thing to keep in mind in this section of a B2B script: it’s good to use some business conditions (in moderation) because the viewer knows the details of what’s being discussed; they live and breathe more than 50 hours a week.

Companies are being sold on products or services 24 hours a day, possibly even by their competitors, so they will be skeptical of fun or unfounded accusations about any solution. Use industry knowledge to your advantage and summarize the value proposition in a very specific sentence about how your product will solve the problems mentioned.

  1. Benefits must be for everyone

As in the first point (to solve the problems you solve in jobs), the benefits you get must be recognized by different stakeholders.

Finding ways to reference the benefits of capturing the attention of different video audiences is essential. Focus heavily on the first viewer’s desires; Continuing with the organizational chart, the time spent on each person’s benefits is gradually reduced.

  1. Get details on how it works

Consumers may not care much about loading speed, how the neural network spans the entire platform, or what licensing options are, but companies do. Especially if you sell to large companies where every small percentage you can save in money and time has a big impact on your bottom line.

Feel free to talk about “nerd” things that will get your engineers excited or set the platform apart from the competition. Everyone likes to be a nerd at work once in a while.

  1. Humanize the call to action

The call to action is a great place to customize your video script. B2B scripts often direct people to a URL or download it today! But companies want to establish trustworthy and trustworthy partnerships.

The CTA comes to the end of what will likely be its first contact with prospects (through your video) and then shows them you’re there to help.

* * *

If you only remember one thing about this article, remember that you must buy them all to make the transaction. From the first viewer (gatekeeper), to who sends the video through Slack (your boss), and even who can watch a meeting (VP).

With a great B2B video script, you can do just that.

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