How to Use Search Trends for Alternative-Content Ideation in the Age of COVID-19

Creating B2B marketing content during a crisis is challenging, and the challenge increases 100-fold as the world suffers from a pandemic.

Some B2B marketers do not have much courage, but they find new creative ways to increase brand awareness.

Others want to optimize their marketing strategies to adapt to the current situation.

One of the main ways that marketers can determine how to make a difference in this environment is by looking at trends in online surveys.

  1. What are the critical data in the current context?

Companies, customers, and consumers spend more time on the Internet, which should be a source of income to keep up to date.

As more and more companies are online, we can conclude that they are using online surveys because they need news and information and they also find new ways to reach customers.

With the growth of remote teams, companies now want to stay connected using online tools.

  1. Sorting of critical data

If you look at search trends in your industry, you’ll probably notice a disappointing fact – most of the search terms for which you’ve optimized your content have returned to the rankings.

This means that people will not search for content with the chosen keywords. But that does not mean that consumers are not interested in your content or products.

  1. Analysis of content opportunities

Once you begin to understand how search trends are changing in the current environment and what they may mean to you, analyze them a little more so that you can use the data to inform your SEO marketing needs.

  1. Customer behavior

Most companies have one goal: to sell products or services and make money to keep the business running.

But there are smaller goals that companies can use to achieve this expanded sales goal, such as more social media followers and more website traffic.

During a crisis like the one we are facing, it is important not to look only at your business objectives.

Revisiting the scholarship example can help us understand the goals of our audience:

  • They want the feeling of normalcy that comes from participating in business opportunities.
  • They must partner to ensure the life of their business.
  • They want new and affordable ways to continue doing business while socializing.
  1. Generate content

You now have the tools to generate content that can help your business thrive in times of crisis.

Use alternative search terms that have now become popular for content ideas.

The goal is to use your content to solve an issue that your customer base is currently experiencing. It is not just about selling your products.

With that in mind, you can create content that will be accessible and successful.

Creating data and content goes hand in hand

During an unprecedented crisis like this pandemic, everything looks like the end of the world.

But by using the data available and analyzing it thoroughly, you can create content that reaches your audience and maintains your earnings.