How to Use Email to Support the Needs-Discovery Process

It was not so long ago that the sale was almost 100% in person or over the phone. For most salespeople, the focus of the sales process was on face-to-face conversations, although some meetings were through screen sharing and preliminary communications mainly by email.

In 2020, restrictions on travel and face-to-face meetings only led to virtual sales.

But the change has not changed the basis for discovering needs. In a way, it has become more difficult to meet needs, but the move to virtual sales offers organized salespeople a greater advantage.

The advantage for salespeople in a virtual world

In our recent study of virtual sales, 71% of buyers said that the salesperson’s ability to find a comprehensive discovery of concerns, wants and needs in their virtual interactions has a major impact on purchasing decisions. But only 26% think salespeople are doing this effectively. This indicates a great opportunity for almost three-quarters of salespeople. The transition to the virtual can discern who is prepared, qualified, and complete.

Virtual selling doesn’t just involve adding video to meetings, as virtual selling changes the dynamics of how buyers want and want to interact with sellers.

A buyer recently said: “One of the things I can’t stand it when I go to a meeting with a salesperson after their first qualification meeting, which I had to go through, and they asked me a lot of questions. You responded more accurately, completely, and quickly by email or a standard survey. ”

If you know you need answers to basic questions and you know you need to identify tastes, needs, and needs, consider sending an email in advance. This is what happens when you do this:

  • Get more responses than you could include in a call, so when you receive the call, you can use your live meeting time more effectively.
  • The sales cycle can be reduced by reducing the need for additional follow-up calls. You have your answers before the meetings.
  • Buyers respond via survey or email and, if desired, occasionally accept bookings via email, further simplifying the process.

Buyers say, “I don’t have time to answer these questions, but thanks for sending them. We will address them at the meeting.” But they often still read the questions and think about them, which makes the actual meeting more productive.

In other words, you can speed up the sales process, get more and better information, and impress buyers.

As you can customize your queries for that specific buyer, you will build trust and help other buyers see that you are above others. Therefore, prepare the buyer and do not send questions until the relationship and trust have been established.

By using email to learn more about your needs, you have more productive sales meetings, increase sales faster and impress buyers.

Use the virtual world to your advantage and try this approach for a future sales pitch.