How to Resolve Duplicate Content?

What is duplicate content and why is it relevant to your site? How can you find and fix it?

So, why are we talking about duplicate content?

This is a common problem and can often be a little confusing. What is that? How is this determined? Why are some pages on my site marked as duplicates? More importantly, how can I fix it if I feel it is something I want to fix on my website?

What is duplicate content?

Essentially, duplicate content is content that appears in more than one place on the web. But it may not be as crunchy and dry as it looks. Much similar content, even if it is not identical, can be considered a duplicate of each other.

When thinking about duplicate content, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about what human visitors see when they arrive at your site and compare two pages. It is also about what search engines see when they access these pages. Since they cannot see the version page, they usually leave the source code of the page and, if the code is very similar, the crawler may think that they are seeing two versions of the same page.


There are several ways to resolve duplicate content.

Free tools to search for duplicate content

Copyscape :

This tool can quickly check in seconds the content you have written about the content that has already been published. The comparison tool marks the content shown as duplicate and lets you know what percentage of your content corresponds to the content that has already been published.

Understand your rights

Copyscape you understand your rights and the laws related to online plagiarism. Since copyright laws vary from place to place, the list also contains links to copyright information for different countries.

Pest Detector:

This tool can identify duplicate content pages on the web. This is an excellent tool for finding plagiarism that has stolen your content. It also allows you to automatically crawl your URLs weekly to identify duplicate content.


This tool quickly checks the originality of the content you want to insert on your website. Registered users can make 50 searches per day.


This is an excellent tool to check for duplicate content throughout your site once a month. It can also search for broken links and identify the most important pages of the search engine.

Smallseotools :

A variety of SEO tools are available, including a plagiarism check that identifies snippets of identical content.

Premium Tools to Check for Plagiarism

Excellent plagiarism controllers can view duplicate content using advanced algorithms. It gives you peace of mind that your work cannot be attributed to someone who did not write it.

Excellent plagiarism tools often produce reports that can confirm proof of originality. The future implications that your work is not original can be challenged with these reports, which can be saved in PDF format.

Examples of premium tools for checking for duplicate content include:


The first-line tool offers plagiarism checking and grammar testing, word choice, and sentence structure.

Pest :

Offers quick free search or premium deep search. :

Detects exact matches and paraphrased text.

Final thoughts on duplicate content

People who connect to the Internet for information expect to find original and useful content, which is what they need to find. Duplicate content should be avoided whenever possible. The content must be well written and exclusive so that readers have the best online experience.