How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Inbound Sales Inquiries: Get Found by Buyers

Many of us make the mistake of seeing LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, simply as an online Rolodex or glorified resume, rather than an inbound marketing channel that can be optimized for sales inquiries.

This is a big mistake. The social network is home to more than 500 million users – 500 million potential customers – many of whom regularly seek suppliers of products or services.

Make your profile visible

While the biggest impact on where you appear in a recording is Common Connections (shared), Connections by degree (1st degree, then 2, then 3) and Community Groups (shared), other (lesser known) ways to improve your rating include The following.

Repeat the target keywords in your profile

Well, LinkedIn’s 2020 algorithm is similar to Google’s in 2004: the more you repeat a particular keyword, the more the algorithm uses it as a signal that you should rank your profile concerning a similar profile that you also have to the ranking of keywords.

Change your profile URL to the relevant keyword, not your name

While almost everyone is excited about a custom URL named after them, their buyers tend to search for the service or product they want, not a person.

Make sure your profile is 100% complete

The LinkedIn algorithm rewards 100% completed profiles. It is not difficult: LinkedIn often remembers that you have not filled out a specific section of your profile. But at the last count, less than half of LinkedIn users filled out all parts of their profiles!

By simply making sure that you have completed all parts of your profile, you already have an additional advantage over everyone else in your industry with a similar service or proposal that has not completed your profile.

Conversion of profile viewers to tracks

After buyers find and click on your profile, the challenge is to ensure that they decide to contact you. Here’s how to do it.

Turn your profile cover into a call to action

The profile cover is a noble trait in your LinkedIn profile that is often underutilized. Whoever browses your profile will see it first, this space works as an excellent screen to convey your authority and experience.

Use a professional photo

A professional photo is essential for generating sales inquiries simply because it is important to look like someone that buyers want to do business with: reliable, experienced, and affordable.

Buyers browsing your ad want to know what to do about it and what results in you get. The summary section at the top of your profile contains 250 characters to communicate the business value to you. Don’t think of your resume as a short resume or a compelling account of your philanthropic accomplishments and hobbies.

Make it easy to contact you

Make it clear to everyone who finds your profile as soon as possible how they can get in touch with you. This means that you must enter your contact information in the Personal and contact information section and display your phone and email address in the header photo, in the title, and the first two sentences of the Summary section.

* * *

In completing the above process, you did two very powerful things:

  1. You are likely to be found.
  2. You have taken the necessary steps to facilitate contact with a buyer interested in your product or service.

If you want a LinkedIn profile that generates leads on autopilot, without having to perform remote maintenance or social networking activities, do both.