How to Gain Influence and Effect Change: Four Skills Every Marketing Leader Needs

If someone has the innate ability to make changes within the company as a whole, it is the marketing associate. After all, marketers are very interested in deciphering human behavior, connecting with people, and building bridges of understanding.

We spend our careers becoming masters of perception, faith, and conversion.

1. Examine the data

In my first role as CMO, in 2005, I had an active voice in the executive team, but it was mainly about the brand and how it feels. The technology does not yet exist to measure the cost per lead or to indicate, from an engagement perspective, which types of content have an impact on the public. Of

We could hardly imagine having access to the concrete measures that are now in place.

The digital revolution has allowed our marketers to be responsible for the impact we make on the business.

2. Change organically

Top-down mandates don’t work, and marketers can understand this more intuitively than most. After all, we made a career creating creative types, with all their passion and individuality. We learned, perhaps the most difficult way that the recipe for successful change is to start small, make a difference and then strive to have a positive impact.

3. Let’s go

There is nothing worse than having a senior manager tell you to do something, but don’t do it yourself. The change is not driven by management support; the change is driven by management participation. And marketing leaders are in a perfect position to set an example in this industry.

4. Embrace the evolution of technology

In the past few years, we have seen a major change in the way technology works in the workplace. Remember when IT departments don’t let you take your device to the office? The IT team provides a computer connected to a centrally controlled intranet and determines which software can be used or installed. But with the growth of mobile and social technology, the IT approach has evolved significantly, so it’s less about control and more about empowerment.

Take a seat at the table

Ten years ago, CMOs were not invited to serve on corporate boards. The world is finally realizing the value that marketing leaders add to digital transformation, business strategy, organizational change, and more.

As marketing leaders, we no longer need to look for ways to sit at the table. They were there. So it’s time to stop seeing us as the sixth brother in the line, but instead to stand up and take our rightful place as essential and influential members of the executive leadership team.