How to Create Engaging Attractive Social Media Campaigns

It is more difficult than ever to get people’s attention on social media.

Between the clash of content and the ever-changing social networking algorithms, reaching your audience through Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms is not easy.

This is certainly not an option to give up. So, what should marketers do? Create targeted, well-written campaigns that go beyond static

So, follow along and we’ll discuss how to write great social media campaigns from start to finish. You learn…

  • How to generate truly creative social media campaign concepts that meet the real needs of the audience.
  • How to successfully implement these ideas and generate results.
  • How to analyze and measure the results (so that you can duplicate what works and stop what doesn’t).

Let’s start.

It all starts with an idea

Good ideas are very supportive of creative marketing. Although much has been said about the death of the ‘miraculous idea’ in the classic advertising sense, it is still possible to adapt it to our digital age.

Here’s what David Ogilvy had to say about the ideas in 1983: “You need a good idea to get consumers’ attention and get them to buy your product. Unless your ad contains a good idea, it will sail like a ship at night. I doubt that more than one in a hundred campaigns has a great idea. ‘

Here’s a caveat: we’re talking about organic social media, not paid advertising (although social media advertising is important, that’s not the focus of this article).

Everything in Ogilvy’s quote applies to our social media field as much as it does traditional advertising.

An impressive number of uninspired posts are published every day due to a “quantity rather than quality” mentality. However, there is an alternative to this sprinkling and prayer approach. It involves creating a solid position (or “good idea”) and writing a campaign linked with posts around it.

Start by identifying a content center idea that will promote your social media campaign. It could be…

  • A landing page suitable for conversion.
  • A high-quality article or blog post.
  • A funny or informative video that you made.

How do I write a great social media campaign?

If you can really put that creative execution within the reach of any skilled copywriter, how can you start building a campaign with that kind of power?

Let’s start with the basics.

  1. What do you want your audience to do?

Find out exactly what kind of action should inspire your message. here are some examples:

  • Improve a skill.
  • Solve a common problem.
  • Use useful knowledge.

For your brand, the desired actions can be…

  • Click on a landing page
  • Read a blog post (and even fill out an acceptance form)
  • Involve your brand (like, comment, share, or otherwise indicate that you made a positive impression)

The key is to make sure that your messages fill the gap between these two sets of desires.

  1. Find the right words

Once you know the benefits for you and your audience, try to distill your message in three easy steps. Try to insert the following spaces:

“Our brand is…




Now, you’re off to a rolling start.

  1. Choose your channels

The way you engage with your audience can vary (and probably will) from channel to channel. So be careful when choosing channels.

The choice you make depends on the understanding of your target audience and your goals. Ask yourself which channels are best for your campaign based on what you want to achieve.

Turn on keyboards immediately

Now that you have more reach and engagement at your fingertips, it’s time to get the job done. Equipped with this guide, you are ready to reach your organic social media campaigns with more effective messages and mechanisms.

Good luck and don’t forget to leave your best social media tips in the comments below.