How much do Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform, known for attractive images and high-quality photos shared by individuals and businesses. Instagram ads are paid content that appears with organic content in news and story feeds.

How much do Instagram ads cost to run? The answer depends on several factors, including, of course, the budget you have to spend.

Are Instagram ads suitable for your business? If this platform is popular with your target audience or if your company is geared to the age group that uses it most, Instagram can be a very powerful tool.

Factors that affect the cost of advertising on Instagram

Ready to stop following Instagram and try to advertise? You need to understand the platform and adoptions when considering costs. Social media can present many challenges on a daily basis, so it’s best to learn as much as you can before starting your first paid campaign.

First, how can you see which channels are in your feed ads? Look for the word “sponsored” that appears below the brand name. Another way to find out is if there is a call to action (CTA) button below the image, such as “buy now”, “learn more” or “download our application”.

How much do Instagram ads cost? Since costs can vary, the first thing to consider is how much the average advertiser pays.

Ad Type

When creating ads, always keep Instagram’s visual style in mind and choose the type that best suits your business. A fake, solid outdoor photo will stand out from the rest of the high-quality content that Instagram is known for and is likely to perform poorly.

Be willing to invest the time and effort to create ads that fit your brand and follow Instagram’s best practices.

Consider the types of Instagram ads:

  • Story announcements
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Ad collection
  • Advertisements on the Explore page

There are also no shelf prices for advertisements. You can’t just research the cost of an Instagram story ad or carousel ad. Instead, the type of ad and the quality of the ad you create will affect your costs.

Bidding strategy

You can use a variety of bid strategies when setting up your ads on Instagram, and the strategy you choose for your ad campaign, of course, will depend on your goals.

There are four types of bid strategies:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)
  • cost per action (CPA)
  • cost per lead (CPL)

Are you looking for more recognition for your brand or product? You may want a lot of exposure and a lot of impressions or preferences.


“How much do Instagram ads cost?” this is not the only question you should be asking. How you measure success with your Instagram ads depends on your goals for your advertising campaigns.

The goals of the ad can vary widely, depending on whom you’re targeting and why. So make sure you set clear goals before you start. It can help you make better decisions and see what works for your company.

Your goals can be:

  • increase brand awareness
  • Educate your audience about your business
  • Convert multiple customers through sales, app downloads, or store visits

The metrics you use to measure your success can include more likes, more followers, greater reach, higher clickthrough rates (CTRs), or improved conversion rates. You can also track and compare video views or app installations.


Another factor that can affect your target audience may be how much Instagram ads cost. Whom are you aiming for and how much competition is there for the desired target group? How much will Instagram ads cost if you expand your audience? What happens if you limit your goals?

The more restrictive you set your goals, the higher the cost of your ads. Adding or removing these parameters will change the cost of your ad.

Instagram offers many advanced targeting options:

  • Locations:

You can use specific locations to target people by state, city, or country.

  • Interests:

People with certain interests can be valuable to you, so invite people who like similar programs, click on similar ads, or follow similar accounts.

  • Automatic targeting:

Not sure where to start? Instagram provides an automated segmentation feature to create audiences interested in your business using data points like location, demographics, and interests.

  • Demographics:

Use demographic information like age, language, or gender to limit your hearing. Ads aimed at women are generally more expensive because they are more likely to be relevant to your content. The cost of the ad can also vary depending on the age range chosen.

  • Behavior:

Segment your audience based on what they do on and off Instagram.

  • Similar audiences:

Create audiences similar to those of your existing customers to find potential customers for your business.


Your budget can also affect prices. With a smaller budget, the Instagram system will take longer to know and understand your campaign and measure how your audience (or not) interacts with your ads. However, it can have the opposite effect of what you want and increase the cost of Instagram ads.


Where do you want your ad to appear? During setup, you can choose whether your ad should appear only on Instagram or Facebook.

Audience size

Another factor that influences advertising costs? Audience size. The bigger your target audience, the cheaper your ad will be. Smaller audiences have more competition, which can increase their costs.


Advertising on Instagram is an effective way to reach quantity and quality leads who spend more time on the platform every day. Many users buy while browsing and, if you segment carefully, they may be looking for what you are selling.

Find the right advertising target, set the right budget for you, and start building campaigns that deliver results.