How Marketers Can Make Improved Sales Content

What resellers need now is for marketers to work directly with their team and create the best-selling content to nurture prospects and close deals.

Unfortunately, many marketers have found that their materials do not meet the expectations of their sales teams. You’ve probably created dozens of solid that sellers don’t even touch.

Even with the best of intentions, a lot of content created by marketers can be misinterpreted or brushed under the carpet, resulting in more work on both sides, with fewer results.

Work together for better content sales

Collaboration is the key. But don’t just talk in words. I’m talking about real collaboration.

Marketers and representatives need to communicate regularly, sometimes daily, with each other, as well as with managers, other departments, and experts across the company, who can provide insight into the current state of affairs.

Do not favor one department or representative over another; if there is a breakthrough or a new advantage, share it with everyone involved to find the best approach and prepare the team.

Provide feedback and show transparency

New sales opportunities can happen anywhere, anytime. Continuous communication between all parties involved ensures instant updates for everyone, making the marketer’s job easier and more efficient and giving sellers more opportunities to use your content.

As with pre-recorded videos, the feedback helps everyone involved and leads to better collaboration on future material. Teamwork at every stage of the sales process helps marketers understand what works and how to effectively produce new.

You can also ask sales teams to share relevant information. “How good” offers and videos, competitor updates, and insights from conversations with prospects allow you to improve your work and adapt to current market trends and buyer pain points.

Using Virtual Instruments

With sales teams working remotely and electronic sales becoming the norm, use the tools at your disposal to learn how your teams can provide easy access to content and peer collaboration across time zones.

A website or desktop app is fine, but take it one step further and make it available on mobile as well. This way, busy salespeople can access their content from anywhere and stay up to date with relevant content when they’re away from their computers, especially when they’re having trouble talking to intents and customers.

Live web conversations are a great way to verify, but they don’t always fit into a team’s schedule. Pre-recording videos of new content, marketing updates, and general news is a great way to educate sales teams about new material without forcing them to waste time at work.

Optimize your content selling efforts

The biggest challenge in creating sales content is to make the entire process intuitive and dynamic so that the content is easily accessible. If you have ten plans to solve ten different problems, constant communication becomes complicated and time-consuming.

Including new content in the daily tech stack with reps will save your team time, effort, and money in the long run. By making it easier for the sales team, immediately pays off.

* * *

The best way to actually create used sales content is to look at past results. What do reps use the most? Which assets are never used and why? View analytics to see what content moves and receives positive feedback. And if you can, listen to recordings of sales calls to see which messages work best.

From here, focus on new content that mimics previously used content and keep updating. This makes for an easy transition for sales teams and less time for integration.

By encouraging more consolidation and collaboration, you can create relevant content that sellers can learn quickly and intuitively.