How Businesses Can Use Digital Brand Ambassadors for B2B Marketing

We have lived in a world heavily dependent on digital communication for years. Now, the pandemic has managed to accelerate the shift from face-to-face sales and interactions to online, creating a growing need for digital people.

So what are digital people?

They are hyper-realistic avatars with personalities, facial expressions, and inflections that create the ultimate balance between automation and human interaction.

As the skills of digital people continue to improve, more and more companies are using them as digital brand ambassadors, or influencers, to improve marketing campaigns and streamline operations.

The modern B2B influencer

Digital interactions have become essential to the success and competitive advantage of companies across all industries. By providing 24/7 customer service and personal, human conversations with consumers, digital people are bridging the gap between the digital and the physical, creating an innovative way to connect consumers to brands.

It’s much more feasible to make a digital brand ambassador with a famous person. Gone are the days of going back and forth with the manager of a public figure to determine availability and negotiate a price. We live in a digital age where virtually anything is possible, including digitizing people, with their permission of course.

For well-known digital brand ambassadors, key movements and phrases can be captured in minutes, opening up endless possibilities to improve influencer marketing and brand collaboration with them.

Four Elements of a Digital Brand Ambassador

Whether you’re transforming an actress or basketball player into a digital ambassador or creating a new personality to become the face of your brand, keep four key concepts in mind when working with a digital human experience platform to impact the project.

1. Personality Code

It is essential to create a personality that engages your audience and leaves an unforgettable experience.

You want the personality to embody your brand and values, attract your audience, create an emotional connection using nonverbal cues and expressions, and create positive moments for your audience.

2. Design for a conversation

Focus on interactions, not transactions. The goal of digital brand ambassadors is to ensure that you are as close as possible to a real person, not just a chatbot. Therefore, your digital persona must be engaged with your user.

People want an immersive experience, not the robotic experience they might have at an ATM.

One step in creating a conversation design is to intensify interactions to ensure the digital person radiates the right emotion to the user. Experiencing their interactions and expressions helps project information that can be lost without wasting time, to ensure that human digital conversations are as realistic as possible.

3. Multimodal UX

Building an experience with the power of versatile visual and speech interaction is essential. Unlike human B2B influencers, digital brand ambassadors are a multimodal digital interface, meaning they can use different types of digital content to create a balanced experience, such as guiding users through a specific process to answer their questions.

Another way to create versatility for your digital persona is to determine which features you need based on your industry and influencer marketing priorities.

4. Customization

A top priority for marketers is to create lasting and positive relationships with their customers so that their digital persona makes their interaction relevant, ongoing, and personal.

Digital human platforms can be linked to a company’s internal database so that the influencer is equipped with readily available background information that can be useful during customer interactions.

By incorporating a digital brand ambassador, forward-thinking B2B companies can build deeper customer relationships and maintain a positive customer experience that increases customers’ lifetime value and ensures that their interaction with their brand is never forgotten.