Google Ads Improves Ad Asset Tracking In-App Campaigns

Google Ads enhances asset reporting in-app campaigns with four new updates to provide advertisers with useful and useful information.

Clearer guidelines for performance evaluation

  • Google Ads ranks creative assets with ‘low’, ‘good’, and ‘best’ item ratings.
  • Advertisers can better understand how Google defines these rankings with new tools.
  • A tooltip advises the advertiser to take action to work with that specific source.
  • Advertisers can use this information to find out what concepts and themes influence users.
  • From there, advertisers can double their real resources and evade those who are not working.

Track assets

Google Ads adds two new columns to item group-level item reporting.

There is now an item source column that allows advertisers to determine which items were loaded during the campaign by the app.

In the second column, advertisers can quickly see the orientation of the item, which can be horizontal, vertical, or square.

Track performance changes over time

Google Ads will soon announce performance charts that will allow advertisers to see changes in asset performance over time.

This update allows advertisers to select different date ranges and metrics to measure performance trends.

If there are similar items with the same performance rating, performance trends in the charts can help advertisers decide which items to keep or replace.

The ability to track changes in creative performance starts next month.

Preview items before using them

Soon, advertisers will be able to preview their creative assets before launching them live.

Ad previews show how creative assets can be shown to users who see the ads.

Google Ads then displays sample ads composed of creative assets, based on how they can appear on all relevant placements in the sign-up campaign.

The ability to preview creative assets before going live will be available starting in April

More about Creative Assets for App Campaigns

If you’re not familiar with the app campaign’s creative features, consider building blocks that Google uses to create app ads.

Resources can be used to achieve a variety of goals with app campaigns, such as:

  • Increase the number of app installs (for example, a text ad asking the user to ‘Download now’ or ‘Play now’)
  • Buy purchases (for example: ‘Get € 5 off your first order or a promotional image)
  • Increase user retention or engagement (e.g., “ More than 100 items have just been posted! ” Or a video describing the updated game)

The more resources an advertiser creates for app campaigns, the more Google ads he can create to attract different users.

Google recommends sending the maximum number of items for each type of item, that is, 4 items for text and 20 items for images, video, and HTML5 (if applicable).